The Descendants of Adnan an Arabian Tribal Leader of the Hijaz


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1. Adnan [124300] was born circa 680 BCE in Western Hijaz Arabia.

General Notes: Wikipedia says of Adnan,
is the traditional ancestor of the Adnanite Arabs of Northern, Western, Eastern and Central Arabia, as opposed to the Qahtanite Arabs of Southern Arabia who descend from Qahtan. His ancestry can be traced back to Abraham and from there upto Adam.
AND, goes on to say of his Origins,
According to tradition, Adnan is the father of a group of the Ishmaelite Arabs who inhabited West and Northern Arabia; he is a descendant of Ishmael, son of Abraham. Adnan is believed by genealogists to be the father of many Ishmaelite tribes along the Western coast of Arabia, Northern Arabia and Iraq.
Many family trees have been presented by Adnan, which did not agree about the number of ancestors between Ishmael and Adnan but agreed about the names and number of the ancestors between Adnan and the Islamic prophet Muhammad.
The overwhelming majority of traditions and Muslim scholars state that Adnan is a descendant of Qedar the son of Ishmael, except for Ibn Ishaq who claimed that Adnan was a descendant of Nebaioth;[12] this confusion of Ibn Ishaq can be because one of the descendants of Kedar was also named "Nebaioth".
Most Muslim scholars refused any attempt to recite the ancestors between Adnan to Ishmael, and condemned other scholars such as Ibn Ishaq for doing it.
AND, of his Family,
Adnan married Mahdad bint Laham, who was a descendant of his ancestor's half brother Yaqshan. He had two sons with her, Ma'ad ibn Adnan and Akk ibn Adnan. Akk dwelt in the Yaman because he took a wife amongst the Asharites and lived with them, adopting their language. The Asharites were descended from Saba' ibn Yashjub ibn Ya'rub ibn Qahtan.
OF his Death, Wikipedia says,
Adnan died after Nebuchadnezzar II returned to Babylon. After Adnan's death, his son Ma'ad moved to the region of Central-Western Hijaz after the destruction of the Qedarite kingdom near Mesopotamia, and the remaining Qedarite Arabs there were displaced from their lands and forced to live in Al-Anbar province and on the banks of the Euphrates river under the rule of the Neo-Babylonian Empire.

Adnan married Mahdad bint LAHAM [124309].

The child from this marriage was:

+ 2    i. Ma'ad IBN ADNAN [124298] was born 598BCE in Western Hijaz Arabia.

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