The Descendants of Adnan an Arabian Tribal Leader of the Hijaz


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39. Emir Abdullah IBN MUHAMMAD AL-UMAWI VII of Cordoba [114022] (Muhammad I of Cordoba (Emir)37, Muhammad II of Cordoba (Emir)36, Al-Hakam I of Cordoba (Emir)35, Hisham I of Cordoba (Emir)34, 'abdar Rahman I of Cordoba (Emir)33, Mu'awiya32, Hisham 10th Umayyad Caliph (Caliph)31, Abd al-Malik 5th Umayyad Caliph (Caliph)30, Marwãn 4th Umayyad Caliph (Caliph)29, Al-Hakam28, Abu al-As 1st Umayyad Caliph27, Umayya26, Abd Shams25, Abd Manãf24, Qusayy23, Kilab22, Murrah21, Ka'b20, Lu'ayy19, Ghalib18, Fihr16, Malik14, Nazar12, Kinana9, Khuzayma7, 'Amr6, Ilyass5, Mudar4, Nazar3, Ma'ad2, Adnan1) was born on Jan 11, 844 and died on Dec 15, 912 at age 68. The cause of his death was Executed.

General Notes: In a Document received from Michael H U Smith in November 2018, he commented that,
Abd al-Rahman III succeeded his grand-father Abdullah ibn Muhammad (after his execution) and became Emir of Córdoba (Al-Andalus)
Wikipedia says of this Abdullah,
Abdullah ibn Muhammad; January 11, 844 \endash October 15, 912) was the seventh Emir of Córdoba, reigning from 888 to 912 in Al-Andalus (Islamic Iberia).
Contemporary historians accused Abdullah of orchestrating the death of his half-brother, al-Mundhir, whereby he ascended to power. This is unlikely, as ibn Muhammad showed very little interest in governing, becoming a neurotic recluse who was only interested in hunting and his faith.
The most formidable threat for the emir was Umar Ibn Hafsun, who had conquered the provinces of Reyyo (including Bobastro),[3] Elvira (including Granada) and Jaén, and had allied with the populations of Archidona, Baeza, Úbeda and Priego. In 891 Ibn Hafsun was defeated near the castle of Polei and lost several cities. However, by the following year Ibn Hafsun had already recovered, and reconquered all the lost territories.
In 911, the emir signed a peace agreement with Ibn Hafsun (who had allied with the Banu Qasi family, controlling the Ebro valley, and the Kingdom of Asturias). However, the war broke out again the following year, only to be halted by the death of Abdullah at Córdoba, who was improving his positions. The son he had designated as successor was killed by one of Abdullah's brothers. The latter was in turn executed by Abdullah's father, who named as successor Abd ar-Rahman III, son of the killed son of Abdullah.
Abdullah was the son of Muhammad I and the younger brother of al-Mundhir.
Around 863, Abdullah married Onneca Fortúnez, daughter of Fortún Garcés,[4] King of Pamplona and his wife Aurea (Orea). She was repudiated sometime before 880 and returned to the Kingdom of Pamplona, most probably with her father who returned that year,[2] and took her cousin Aznar Sánchez of Larraun as her second husband with whom she had at least three children, including Queen Toda of Navarre who was, therefore, the aunt of Abd ar-Rahman III.

Abdullah married Princess Onneca FORTUNEZ of Pamplona, Navarre and of the Basques [114023], daughter of King Fortún Garcés de NAVARRE of Pamplona [117807] and Auriya LOPE IBN MUSA BANU QASI il Bint [117806], in 863. Onneca was born in 847 in Pamplona Navarre Spain and died in 885 at age 38.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 40    i. Princess Richilda of Cordova [114021] was born circa 886.

+ 41    ii. Emir Muhammad IBN BD ALLAH II of Cordova [117834] was born in 864 in Cordoba Andalucia Spain and died on Jan 28, 891 at age 27.

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