The Family of Edward Brannan, born 1675 in Eseter, Devon, England.

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  Mary Anne [116771]C born 9 Aug 1795, Brixham Devon England died Jul 1862, Bideford Devon England
  Mary Ellen Ford [117049]C born Jan 1878, Wokingham Berkshire England died Jul 1882, Barnstaple Devon England
  Mary Jane Martin [116846]C
  Mary Martin [116943]C born Jan 1858, Shoreditch Middlesex England
  Matthew James [117658]C born 19 Apr 1981
  Maud [117274]C born 1883, St Pancras Middlesex England died 1952
  Maud [117432]C born 9 Oct 1904, Hammersmith Middlesex England died Feb 1977
  Nicholas [116719]C born 5 Mar 1747, Exeter Devon England died Oct 1815, Bideford Devon England
  Nicholas [116760]C born 29 May 1774, Exeter Devon England died 1854, Devon England
  Nicholas [116822]C born 15 Jan 1800, Barnstaple Devon England
  Nigel Victor [117527]C born 29 Oct 1950
  Oswald [116282]C born 26 Apr 1890, Cardiff Glamorganshire Wales died 1959
  Pamela I [117567]C born 1937
  Patricia D [117565]C born 1933 died 2011
  Pauline H [117570]C born 1947
  Peter Geoffrey [117524]C born 1942
  Peter John [117531]C born 1 Nov 1956
  Peter Matthew A [117661]C born 1968
  Richard [116743]C born 1777, Exeter Devon England bapt. 24 Aug 1777, St Sidwell Exeter Devon England
  Robert William [116849]C born 1 Jul 1812, Bideford Devon England died 15 Mar 1885, Edmonton Hertfordshire England
  Sarah [116800]C
  Sarah [116836]C born 12 Oct 1810, Taunton Somerset England
  Sarah [116922]C born 1826, Hanover Square Mayfair Middlesex England
  Sarah Ellen [116910]C born 7 Oct 1847, Barnstaple Devon England
  Sarah Jane [116946]C born Jan 1845, Isle of Sheppey Kent England died Feb 1910, Edmonton Middlesex England
  Shirley Joy [117530]C born 20 Apr 1955 died 1 May 1955
  Shirley M [117566]C born 1935
  Susan Ashton [116811]C born 1816 died 28 Apr 1832, Bideford Devon England
  Susanna [116866]C born 1815, Exeter Devon England died Cir 1837
  Susannah [116752]C born 3 May 1778, Exeter Devon England
  Susannah [116797]C
  Susannah Catherine [116915]C born 1834, Somerset England died Jul 1886, Pancras Middlesex England
  Sydney [117059]C born 1894, Barnstaple Devon England died Jul 1896, Barnstaple Devon England
  Sydney C [117398]C born 7 Mar 1913, Camberwell Surrey England died 3 Aug 1990
  Sylvia W [117579]C born 1939 died 2016
  Terrence Derek [117576]C born 1929 died 2003
  Thomas [116715]C born 6 Jan 1740, Exeter Devon England
  Thomas [116725]C
  Thomas [116738]C born 1765, Exeter Devon England bapt. 8 Apr 1765, St Sidwell Exeter Devon England
  Thomas [116754]C born 22 Feb 1784, Exeter Devon England
  Thomas [116766]C born 7 Nov 1784, Hartland Devon England died 8 Apr 1868, Hoxton Middlesex England
  Thomas [116777]C born 1792, Exeter Devon England
  Thomas [116824]C born 13 May 1804, Tavistock Devon England
  Thomas [116954]C born 4 Jan 1852, Newington Surrey England died 17 May 1881, Philadelphia Philadelphia Co Pennsylvania USA
  Thomas Backway [116805]C born 1816 died 19 Mar 1897, Barnstaple Devon England
  Thomas Martin [117397]C born 3 Jul 1909, London Middlesex England died 24 Jun 1994
  Thomas Reginald [117435]C born 25 Apr 1908, Edmonton Middlesex England died Jul 1990, Peterborough England
  Thomas Sharland [116850]C born 1817, Bideford Devon England died 14 Aug 1882, Devon England
  Thomas Sydney [117142]C born 9 May 1879, Peckham Kent England died 6 Jan 1960, London Middlesex England
  Tina [117663]C born 1976
  Valerie [117569]C born 1942
  Victor E [117544]C born 1943, Hendon Middlesex England died 1966
  Victor Norman [117399]C born 27 Jan 1919, Camberwell Surrey England died 11 Nov 1952
  Walter Charles [117094]C born Apr 1854, Taunton Somerset England died 1954, Cape Province South Africa
  Walter Chorley [116931]C born 1830, Taunton Somerset England died Apr 1892, Southwark Surrey England
  Wendy [117573]C born 1951
  Wendy Margaret [117529]C born 22 Sep 1953
  William [116697]C born 18 Oct 1786, Bideford Devon England died 1812
  William [116720]C born 1757, Exeter Devon England died 1810
  William [116724]C
  William [116746]C born 1784, Exeter Devon England bapt. 28 Aug 1784, St Sidwell Exeter Devon England
  William [116769]C born 1788 died 9 Apr 1827
  William [116774]C born 1780, Exeter Devon England
  William [116802]C born 13 Apr 1805
  William [116815]C born 1804 died Dublin Co. Dublin Ireland
  William [116864]C born 1806, Exeter Devon England
  William [117303]C born Cir 1886, Lambeth Surrey England
  William David [117631]C born 14 Sep 1970, Ottawa Ottawa-Carleton Co. Canada
  William Douglas [117489]C born 2 Feb 1944, Toronto York Co. Ontario Canada
  William George [117316]C born 12 Mar 1916, Wales United Kingdom died 20 Mar 1976, Ottawa Ottawa-Carleton Co. Canada bur. Ottawa Ottawa-Carleton Co. Canada
  William James Ford [117050]C born 11 Jan 1879, Barnstaple Devon England died 30 Mar 962, Swansea Glamorganshire Wales
  William John [116835]C born 14 Jan 1807, Taunton Somerset England died 18 Nov 1849, Orchard Portman Somerset England
  William John [116935]C born 1836, Taunton Somerset England
  Winifred Gladys [117439]C born 21 Apr 1917, Edmonton Middlesex England
  Clara Victoria [116083]P born 26 Feb 1891, Toronto York Co. Ontario Canada died 17 Apr 1944, Toronto York Co. Ontario Canada bur. 20 Apr 1944, Toronto York Co. Ontario Canada
  Esther Rebecca [117327]S born 1864, St Giles Disct. Middlesex England
  Elizabeth Barlow Row [117199]S born Apr 1859, Exeter Devon England died Jun 1946, Bristol Gloucestershire England
  Margaret [117588]S born 1912
  Mary [116884]S
  Louise Henrietta [117023]S born Jan 1846, Exeter Devon England died Jul 1909, St Thomas [Exeter] Devon England
  Arthur Silas [117040]C born 1871, Plymouth Devon England
  Ellen [117038]C born 1865, Plymouth Devon England
  George [117037]S born 1840, Exeter Devon England died 16 Jul 1916, Plymouth Devon England
  George Samuel [117039]C born 1866, Plymouth Devon England
  Gladys Edith [117394]S born Oct 1904, Edmonton Middlesex England died 1992, London England
  Mary Ann [116685]S born Oct 1856, Bristol Gloucestershire England died Mar 1916, Cardiff Glamorganshire Wales
  Thomas [116686]P
  Sarah [116820]S born 1801, Newport Isle of Wight England died Oct 1890, Isle of Wight England

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