The Descendants of Reginald de Briwere, born circa 1010 in Normandy, France.

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  Anne [120889]C
  Christopher M.P. [120890]C born 1514 died 1558
  John of Sussex & Surrey (Sheriff, Sir) [120892]S born 17 Mar 1484, Chiddingly Sussex England died 27 Sep 1557, Withyham Chiddingley Sussex England bur. St Michael's Withyham Sussex England
  Unknown [98489]C
  Ahmed [98491]C
  Enayat [98495]C
  Fatma [98494]C
  Ferdous [98492]C
  Ismail [98488]C
  Mohammad [98399]C
  Mostafa [98398]S
  Noha [98400]C
  Saneya [98493]C
  Dora E L [121462]S
  Jasper Andrew [51449]C born 3 Nov 2007, Wellington Wellington New Zealand
  Matilda Alexandra [95429]C born 5 May 2009, Wellington Wellington New Zealand
  Michael David [43800]S born 20 Dec 1972, Auckland Auckland New Zealand
  Henry [121493]S born 1904 died 1973
  George [121526]S
  Eleanor [121764]S died 1471
  Geoffrey [122117]S
  Richard of Bolton (3rd Baron) [121922]S
  William Willis [49175]S born 23 Jan 1893, Galveston Galveston Co. Texas USA died 17 Aug 1966, Montreal Quebec Canada
  2 [120501]C born Aft 1814
  3 [120500]C born Bef 1810
  Alexander Prideaux [120492]C born 1877 died 1932
  Alice [121589]C born Abt 1698, Holy Island Northumberland England died Abt 1788, Middleton Northumberland England
  Anne [120515]C died 23 May 1939, Croydon Surrey England
  Anne [121601]C
  Anne Catherine [120505]C born 7 Sep 1845 died 2 Oct 1927
  Catherine Maria [120507]C born 19 Feb 1852 died 16 Aug 1922
  Cluny G H Prideaux [120494]C born 1925
  Eleanor [121597]C born Abt 1724
  Elizabeth [121607]C born Abt 1720 died Abt 1804
  Elizabeth [92152]C born Abt 1774 died Abt 1845
  Elizabeth Mary [120495]C born 1912
  Elizabeth Petronella [120480]S,C born 12 Sep 1841 died 17 Jan 1910, Cawnpore Uttar Pradesh India
  Frances Wilkie [121245]C born 1790 died 1811
  George [121570]C born 13 Jul 1746 died 10 Jun 1815, Alnwick Northumberland England
  George [92151]C born 6 Feb 1771 died 1777
  George R.N. [of Shilbottle] (Commodore) [120607]C died 1867
  George (General) [120498]C born 1814 died 1884
  George of Alnwick [120535]S,C born 1719, Alnwick Northumberland England died 1 Mar 1806, Alnwick Northumberland England
  George of Belford [120604]C born Abt 1724 died 1804
  George of Holy Island [120539]S born Abt 1686 died 1739
  Gerard Lancelot [121241]C born 1892 died 1955
  Gerard of Middleton, Goldscleugh & Alnwick [121590]S born Abt 1694, Holy Island Northumberland England
  Gilbert of Holy Island [121591]C born Abt 1709, Holy Island Northumberland England died 16 Jan 1788, Holy Island Northumberland England
  Grace [121605]C born Abt 1707 died 3 Apr 1799
  Hannah [121603]C born Abt 1706 died Jan 1739
  Henry Collingwood [120479]C born 1812 died 12 Jan 1858, Paris Isle-de-France France
  Henry Collingwood of Swansfield, Paston & Holy Island [121243]C born 1748, Alnwick Northumberland England died 9 Feb 1839, Alnwick Northumberland England
  Jane [121593]C born Abt 1714
  John of Beal [120603]C born Abt 1717 died Feb 1785
  Lewis Marianne [120611]C
  Mary [120536]S,C born 1721 died Sep 1750
  Mary [121573]C born Abt 1750
  Mary [47964]C born Abt 1776 died May 1828, Colchester Essex England bur. 28 May 1828, Colchester Essex England
  Mary [92148]S
  Mary Gertrude [120504]C born 27 Jun 1840 died 13 Nov 1930
  Oliver Prideaux [120491]C born 1850 died 1904
  Phillis [121599]C
  Prideaux [120503]C born 1844 died 18 Apr 1878, Colombo Ceylon
  Prideaux [121602]C
  Prideaux [92149]C born Abt 1747, Detchant Belford Northumberland England bapt. 1747, Alnwick Northumberland England died 12 May 1813, Toronto Upper Canada
  Prideaux George [120490]C born Abt 1848
  Prideaux J.P. [120486]C born 3 Sep 1810 died 1872
  Prideaux John of Twizell House & Ightham Mote [120609]C born 1789 died 1867
  Prideaux of Brinkburn and Beal [120600]S born Abt 1678 died 1744
  Prideaux of Maidenhead [92153]C born 1780 died 22 Jun 1829, Maidenhead Berkshire England
  Richard [121596]C
  Unknown [120488]C born Abt 1842
  Unknown [120489]C born Abt 1845
  William [120606]C died Jul 1812, Salamanca Salamanca Province Spain
  William of Berwick [121606]S born Abt 1705 died 17 Apr 1777
  Stanley Alan [121531]S born 24 Apr 1902 died 2 Apr 1984
  Mary [121011]S
  Sarah [121214]S born Sep 1969
  Rosemary [121021]S
  Isabel [47176]S
  Susannah Sarah Adams [100981]S born 15 Nov 1850, Werris Creek Colony of New South Wales died 18 Apr 1915, Bendigo VIC Australia
  Catherine [47158]S born 1716
  Ann [121678]S died Aug 1675
  Alaim P [120449]S
  Renelde [120433]S
  F [121099]S
  Thomas (Sir) [39427]S born 1419 died 1483
  Avice [120918]S born 1423 died 1457
  Elizabeth [122051]S,C born Abt 1340 died 7 Aug 1375
  Hugh of Stafford (2nd Earl) [120411]C born Abt 1336 died 16 Oct 1386
  Humphrey of Buckingham (1st Duke) [121940]S
  Margaret [120410]S,C born Abt 1364 died 9 Jun 1396
  Anne [122876]C born 1505, Lancaster Lancashire England
  Jane [122875]C born 1500, Melling Lancashire England died 19 Aug 1587, Lancashire England
  John II K.G. (Sir) [81888]S born 1340 died 1413
  John III (Sir) [81884]C born 1386 died 1437
  John Kt. of Melling (Sir) [122871]C born Abt 1450, Weaver Cheshire England died 20 Nov 1508, Melling Lancashire England
  John of Weaver & Over Alderly (Sir) [122872]C born 1425, Over Alderley Cheshire England died Bet 1476 and 1485, Tower of London Middlesex England bur. Clifton Cheshire England
  Margaret [122874]C born Abt 1490, Hornby Lancashire England died 1549
  Margaret [81800]C born 1435
  Thomas 1st Lord Stanley (Sir) [81799]S,C born 1405 died 1458
  Eleanor [47118]S
  Arthur Dorset [95655]S born 1879 died 1941
  Unknown [81730]C
  Unknown [81731]C
  Unknown [81732]C
  Anne [81727]C
  Charles [81725]C
  Florance Melian [81720]C born 2 May 1869, Melbourne Colony of Victoria died 9 Jun 1936, Oxford Oxfordshire England
  George Cooper [81726]C born 1863
  John Richard [81734]C born 1913
  Jonas Molesworth [81723]C born Mar 1860 died 5 May 1929, Perth WA Australia
  Mary Letitia [81728]C born 1865
  Richard Rawdon (Sir) [81721]C born 14 Mar 1864, Kew Melbourne Colony of Victoria died 18 Apr 1935, Melbourne VIC Australia
  Rodolph De Salis [81722]C born 30 Nov 1871 died 1947
  William [81724]C
  William Foster (Sir) [81719]S born 27 Jun 1815, Cork Co. Cork Munster Ireland died 11 Mar 1889, Naples Campania Italy
  Agnes [121430]S born 1877, Heywood Colony of Victoria died 1925, Victoria Australia
  Callum [121154]S born Feb 1981
  Imogen [121156]C born Aug 2013
  Levi [121158]C born Jan 2019
  Oliver [121155]C born Nov 2010
  Zac [121157]C born Aug 2017
  Thomas [121608]S
  Jean Mary [121541]S
  Albert [120429]C
  Benoit [120436]C
  Charles [120424]C born 1876
  Elizabeth [120047]C
  Frederic [120437]C
  Guy [120428]C
  John Beaufoy [120045]C born 1851 died 1939
  John Beaufoy [120431]C
  Joseph [120430]C
  Jules [120044]S born 1817 died 1856
  Maureen [120434]C
  Raymond [120426]C
  Reginald [120046]C born 1840 died 1948
  Reginald [120427]C
  Reginald [120438]C
  Virginie [120425]S born 1872 died 1948
  Wilfred Beaufoy [120432]C
  Winifred [120435]C
  Winifred [120455]C born 1886 died 1977
  Thomas (Sir) [121926]S
  William of Kirknewton [121748]S
  Marjorie Ethel [48020]S born 31 Dec 1910 died 25 May 1993, Aylesbury Buckinghamshire England
  Ralph [121750]S
  Jane [120951]S born 1810 bapt. 12 Dec 1818, Glazepore India died 14 Mar 1853, New Zealand

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