The Descendants of Reginald de Briwere, born circa 1010 in Normandy, France.

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  Kamil [49153]S
  George [47082]S
  Mary [47056]S born Abt 1590, Wallington Northumberland England died Jan 1671 bur. 25 Jan 1671
  Robert [121525]S
  B [120055]S
  Elizabeth [121790]S born 1393 died 1434
  Mary [121921]S
  Stella Ena Ffloyd [81746]S born 1898 died 1969
  Madeline [121090]S born 1909 died 1983
  Unknown [95614]S born United States of America
  John Dory [95617]C born United States of America
  Marina [95616]C born United States of America
  Martin [95615]C born United States of America
  Shelley [95618]C born United States of America
  Alice [122202]C
  Alice (Lady) [120704]C born 1350 died 17 Mar 1416
  Edmund of Arundel (2nd Earl) [81939]C born 1273 died 1326
  Eleanor Percy (Baroness) [122003]C born Bet 1282 and 1284, Arundel Sussex England died Aug 1328, Beverley Yorkshire England
  Eleanor (Lady) [122080]C born 1348 died 29 Aug 1396
  Elizabeth [81796]C born 1366 died 1425
  Joan (Lady) [120703]C born Abt 1347 died 7 Apr 1419
  John [120705]C born Bef 1349 died 1379
  John [122201]C
  John [122442]C born Abt 1271, Arundel Sussex England
  John III or Arundel (7th Earl) [81943]S born 14 Sep 1246, Arundel Sussex England died 18 Mar 1272, Clun Shropshire England bur. Haughmond Abbey Haughmond Demesne Shropshire England
  Margaret [122204]C
  Mary (Lady) [120706]C died 29 Aug 1369
  Maud [122439]C born Abt 1263, Arundel Sussex England died Bet 1316 and 1325
  Richard of Arundel (8th Earl) [81941]C born 3 Feb 1267, Arundel Sussex England died 9 Mar 1302
  Richard II, 3rd Earl of Arundel [81789]C born 1307 died 1375
  Richard III, 4th Earl of Arundel [81790]S,C born 1346 died 1397
  Catherine [82167]C born 1680
  Edward (Hon.) [82190]C born 1528
  George 16th Earl of Kildare [82183]C born 1611 died 1660
  Gerald "Og" 9th Earl of Kildare [82193]S
  Katherine of Desmond [120912]S
  Maurice of Desmond (2nd Earl) [122236]S died Jun 1358
  Robert (Hon.) [82181]C born 1637 died 1699
  Thomas 15th Earl of Kildare [82186]C
  Hugh Fitzhugh [122120]S
  Elizabeth [121867]S born 1410, Revensworth Yorkshire England died 1445
  Joane [121839]S
  Denise [122199]C
  Ida [122198]C
  John Fitzwalter (2nd Baron) [122040]S born Abt 1315 died 18 Oct 1361
  Mary [122200]C
  Robert Fitzwalter (1st Baron) [122183]S born 1247 died 18 Jan 1326
  Robert (Sir) [122197]C born 1300 died 6 May 1328
  Jane [120883]C born 1643 died 1719
  Richard [120884]C born 1607 died 1680
  Richard J.P. [120888]S born 1548 died 1598
  Thomas [120886]C born 1585
  Edmond [120439]S
  Edith Manuela [111157]S born Feb 1876, Whitchurch-on-Thames Oxfordshire England
  Benjamin (Rev.) [120067]C born 7 Aug 1736, City of London Middlesex died 1805
  Benjamin Meggot [120049]C
  Catherine [120477]C
  Catherine [47079]C
  Deborah [103273]C born Abt 1749 bapt. 1749
  Dorothy [47022]C born Abt 1612, Adderstone Northumberland England
  Dorothy [47143]C born 1686 died 1767
  Edith [47025]C
  Edward [120050]C born 5 Jul 1801
  Edward [120475]C born 1729 died Abt 1729
  Edward the Elder (Sir) [120037]C born 11 Feb 1730, City of London Middlesex died 1812, Walthamstow Essex England
  Edward the Younger [120059]C born 1765 died 1849
  Elizabeth [120066]C born 20 Nov 1734, City of London Middlesex
  Elizabeth [120476]C
  Elizabeth [47080]C died Aug 1747
  Elizabeth [47113]C born 1660 died 1691
  Elizabeth [47121]C
  Elizabeth [47141]C born 14 Aug 1684
  Frances [47114]C
  Frances [47125]S
  Francis [47061]C born Abt 1635, Adderstone Northumberland England died 1681
  Francis [47115]C
  Gabriel [47116]C
  Grace [121370]C born 1669
  Harriet [120052]C born 19 Dec 1805, Hackney Middlesex England died 1 Jul 1866, Instow Devon England
  Isabella [47156]C born Abt 1745, Adderstone Northumberland England died 1780 bur. 9 Apr 1780
  Jacob [121369]C
  Jane [47020]C born Abt 1608, Adderstone Northumberland England
  John [47077]C died 1693
  John [47117]C
  John [47144]C born 1688 died 1745
  John (Sir) [47059]C born Abt 1631, Adderstone Northumberland England bur. 5 Oct 1681
  John of Cornhill [47023]C born Abt 1619, Cornhill [Cornhill-on-Tweed] Northumberland England died 12 May 1679
  Katherine [47110]C born 1674
  Madeleine Magdalen [47058]C born Abt 1627 died 1681
  Magdelina [47024]C
  Margaret [47078]C
  Margaret [47109]C born 1670
  Margaret [47139]C born 1681, Adderstone Northumberland England
  Margaret [47150]S
  Marian [110779]C
  Mary [120468]C born Abt 1706
  Mary [47021]C born 1610 died 1665
  Mary [47062]C
  Mary [47104]C born 21 Feb 1653 died Apr 1705 bur. 19 Apr 1705
  Mary [47108]S died 1683
  Matthew [120474]C born 1666, Alnwick Northumberland England bapt. 7 Mar 1667, St Michael's Alnwick Northumberland England died Abt 1727
  Matthew [47019]C born Abt 1606, Adderstone Northumberland England
  Matthew [47151]C born 1715 died 1775
  Matthew [47159]C born 1746, Ovingham Northumberland England
  Matthew [47177]C born 1 Aug 1775 died 26 Nov 1860
  Matthew Kt. (Sir) [46960]S born 1570, Adderstone Northumberland England died 1631
  Ralph [47105]C born 17 Apr 1655 died 19 May 1657
  Ralph (Sir) [47060]C born Abt 1633, Adderstone Northumberland England
  Ralph of Carham [120467]C born 15 Apr 1703 died Bef 1735
  Richard [120069]C born 23 Jul 1739, City of London Middlesex
  Richard [121371]C born 1680 died 1680
  Robert [47069]C
  Selena Marguerite Rose Catherine [120043]C born 1819, London Middlesex England died 1904, Oorbeek Vlaams-Brabant Belgium
  Susan [120072]C
  Susanna [120051]C
  Susanna Dorothy [120060]C
  Thomas [120084]C born 1672 died 1726
  Thomas [47076]C
  Thomas [47119]C
  Thomas [47155]C born 1743, Adderstone Northumberland England died 1763
  Thomas (General) [47140]C born Mar 1683, Adderstone Northumberland England bapt. 29 Mar 1683 died 1738, Boulogne Vendée Pays de la Loire France bur. Bamburgh [was Bamborough] Northumberland England
  Thomas (Rev.) [47111]C born 1672 died 1726
  Thomas Kt. (Sir Col.) [47057]C born Abt 1625, Adderstone Northumberland England died Jun 1673 bur. 19 Jun 1673
  Thomas (Sir) [47106]C born 6 Aug 1659 died Oct 1725 bur. 25 Oct 1725
  Thomas Kt. (Sir) [47018]C born Abt 1604, Adderstone Northumberland England died 9 Jun 1637
  Thomas of Walthamstow (Sir) [120035]C born 1697, Alnwick Northumberland England died Aug 1763, Walbrook City of London England bur. 1 Sep 1763, St Stephen's Walbrook City of London England
  Thomas Furly [120065]C born 26 Aug 1733, City of London Middlesex died 1806
  Thomas Furly (Sir) [120039]C born 1761, Walbrook City of London England died 1825, Walthamstow Essex England
  Thomas Ignatius (Sir) [120041]C born 1789, London Middlesex England died 1860, Ixelles Bruxelles Belgium
  William [47142]C born 1685 died Bef 1690
  Courtney [121056]S
  Julian [121057]C
  Alexander [48055]C born 1988
  Christopher [48057]C born 1994
  Elisabeth [48054]C born 1986
  Marcus [48053]S
  Sophie [48056]C born 1992
  Unknown [95613]C born 27 Jun 1937, Hamilton Waikato New Zealand died 27 Jun 1937, Hamilton Waikato New Zealand bur. 30 Jun 1937, Hamilton [East] Cemetery Waikato New Zealand
  Kathleen Frances Mary [45615]C born 1942
  Mary Margaret [22773]C born 31 Aug, Hamilton Waikato New Zealand
  Walter John Kingsford [45478]S born 1899, New Zealand died 16 Jul 1979, Hamilton Waikato New Zealand bur. 18 Jul 1979, Hamilton Park Cemetery Hamilton Waikato New Zealand
  Dorothy [120036]S born 1710 died 1763
  Susanna [120038]S
  Joan [122021]S

No Surname, A, B, C, D, E, [F], G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z,


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