The Descendants of Duke Robert [Capet] de Bourgogne, 1011-1076, the Son of Robert II Capet, King of the Franks.

Name List

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  Dorothy Garland [49174]S born 18 Feb 1893, Wentworth? Ontario Canada
  Annie Maria [91900]S born 1849 died 27 Jan 1915, Finchley London England
  Christopher Henry Beaumont 2nd Baron Wardington [47226]C born 22 Jan 1924 died 7 Jul 2005
  John William Beaumont 1st Baron Wardington [47225]S born 1869, Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland England died 1950
  William Simon [47227]C born 1925
  Edda [121091]S born 1943
  Alexis [121222]C born Aug 1982
  Andrew [121184]C born Jan 1944
  Barnaby [121226]C born 2010
  Beatrice [121229]C born 2008
  Belinda [121186]C born Sep 1963
  Benjamin [121225]C born 2007
  Bridget [121182]C born Aug 1940
  Daisy [121224]C born 2005
  David [121181]C born Dec 1938
  Edward [121219]C born Feb 1971
  Gordon [121179]S born Aug 1909
  Grace [121228]C born 2006
  Jacobi [121236]C born 2016
  James [121220]C born Oct 1972
  Jennifer [121180]C born Bef 1938
  Joanna [121189]C born Oct 1970
  Judith [121213]C born Sep 1969
  Phillippa [121187]C born Dec 1964
  Rebecca [121188]C born Sep 1967
  Richard [121212]C born Aug 1967
  Robert [121183]C born Apr 1942
  Rosalie [121221]C born Oct 1975
  Skyae [121215]C born 2007
  Thomas [121230]C born 2010
  Willoughby [121227]C born 2015
  Elizabeth [47133]S
  Alice [122309]C born Abt 1324, Norfolk England died Nov 1351, Bungay Suffolk England
  Edmund of Kent (1st Earl) [122157]C born 5 Aug 1301 died 19 Mar 1330
  Edward I Of England (King) [35170]S born 17 Jun 1239, Palace of Westminster London Middlesex England died 7 Jul 1307, Burgh by Sands Cumberland England
  Edward of Brotherton [122308]C born Abt 1319, Norfolk England
  Eleanor [122514]C born 4 May 1306 died 1311, Amesbury Priory Wiltshire England
  Elizabeth [121879]S born 1364 died 1426
  Margaret of Norfolk (Duchess) [121967]C born Abt 1322 died 24 Mar 1399
  Thomas of Norfolk (1st Earl) [121988]C born 1 Jun 1300, Brotherton Yorkshire England died 23 Aug 1338, Framlingham Castle Suffolk England bur. Mt Mary's Bury-St Edmunds Suffolk England
  Ben [121167]S
  Oliver [121168]C born Apr 2009
  Charles [49150]S
  Sophia Jane [110475]S born 20 Oct 1834, Southgate Middlesex England died 31 Oct 1905, Poole Dorset England
  Harriet [120487]S
  Vincent of Rock [120469]S
  Marie [120423]S

No Surname, <, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, [P], Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z,


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