The Descendants of Seigneur Richard de Saint-Valery, c1020-1053, from Saint-Valery-en-Caux in France.

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  Francis of Dilson [121723]S
  Jane [46908]S born Abt 1517 died Aft 1564
  Jane [46986]S died 1607
  Janet [46903]S
  William [47081]S
  Frances [82187]S
  Robert [121598]S
  Elizabeth [47120]S
   (Major) [121046]S
  Anne [121047]C born 1936
  Dorothy McGregor [121539]S
  David Lockhart-Mure [98490]C born 1908 died 2007
  Maurice [49160]S
  Unknown [121446]C born 16 Jan 1889, Sandhurst VIC Australia died 18 Jan 1889, Sandhurst VIC Australia
  Unknown [121447]C born 16 Jan 1889, Sandhurst VIC Australia died 18 Jan 1889, Sandhurst VIC Australia
  Unknown [48012]C born Abt 1890 died Abt 1890
  Unknown [48013]C born Abt 1890 died Abt 1890
  Ada [121421]C born 8 Sep 1873, Wee Waa Colony of New South Wales died 15 Jul 1886, Bagshot Colony of Victoria
  Ada Joyce Warren [121550]C born 8 Jul 1914, Bendigo VIC Australia died 3 Aug 1999
  Ada Woodruff [121419]C born Abt 1874, Melbourne Colony of Victoria died 1956, Melbourne VIC Australia
  Agnes Vera [121522]C born 1903, Victoria Australia
  Amelia [49167]C born 1860, Cairo Cairo Governate Egypt died 1916
  Amelia Margaret [47979]C born 2 Jun 1805, Colchester Essex England died Oct 1859, Cheltenham Gloucestershire England
  Amin [49135]C born 1849 died 1926
  Anne Elizabeth [47988]C born 1831, Hove Sussex England died 1909, Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey England
  Annie Shiela [48004]C born 29 Jun 1888, Southampton Hampshire England died 22 Nov 1972, Henley Oxfordshire England
  Arthur Cyril [121442]C born 28 Jun 1887, Sandhurst Colony of Victoria died 23 Sep 1970, Elsternwick Melbourne VIC Australia
  Asma [49161]C
  Beatrice Lucy [49173]C born 12 Dec 1900, Alberta Canada died 15 Sep 1901, Vancouver BC Canada
  Bertie Alexander Algernon [49143]C born 1887
  Blake Michael [48052]C born May 2000
  Canetta Amelia [121476]C born Abt 1908, Mildura VIC Australia died 22 Aug 1983, Mildura VIC Australia
  Catherine [47986]S,C born 1839, Hove Sussex England died 1889, Beirut Lebanon
  Charles [23638]C born Jul 1874, Leeds Yorkshire England died 1956, Mildura VIC Australia
  Charles Dudley [47644]C born 14 Mar 1849, Brighton Sussex England died 22 Nov 1916, Calgary Alberta Canada
  Charles Joseph [48062]C born 31 Jan 2006, Reading Berkshire England
  Charles Nicholas Prideaux Selby [48043]C born 28 May 1963, Colchester Essex England
  Charles Selby [47998]C born 20 Nov 1896, Peterborough Ontario Canada died 1993, Peterborough Ontario Canada
  Charlotte [48041]C born 1974
  Christopher Andrew Martin Selby [48047]C born 3 Apr 1978, Perth Perthshire Scotland
  Clare [48021]C
  Constance [121422]C born 1 Feb 1875, Illimi? Colony of New South Wales died 30 Apr 1931, Bendigo VIC Australia
  Constance Edith Young [48002]C born 6 Sep 1852, Hove Sussex England died 24 Dec 1927, Steyning Sussex England
  Constance Emily [121418]C born Abt May 1871, Melbourne Colony of Victoria died 4 Oct 1871
  Constance May [47999]C born 18 Oct 1898, Alberta Canada died 28 Sep 1951, Montreal Quebec Canada
  Constance Pauline [121524]C born 1905, Bendigo VIC Australia died 1952, Toorak Melbourne VIC Australia
  Doris Marion Elizabeth [121474]C born 1906, Bendigo VIC Australia died 1983, Victoria Australia
  Dulcie [121556]C born 19 Jun 1920, Bendigo VIC Australia died 12 Jun 2009, Pakenham VIC Australia
  Edith Elfrida [49170]C born 1874, Sydenham Kent England
  Edward Jeremy Prideaux Selby [48016]C born 25 Jun 1933, Wolverhampton Staffordshire England
  Edward Selby [48005]C born 19 Feb 1895, Southampton Hampshire England died 13 Feb 1989, Cheltenham Gloucestershire England
  Elfreda Sarah Birchenall [98543]C born 17 Aug 1909, Mildura VIC Australia died 4 Jul 1974, Kew Melbourne VIC Australia
  Eliza [23645]C born 9 Dec 1850, Hove Sussex England died 1929, Hove Sussex England
  Elizabeth [47977]C born 1 Aug 1802, Colchester Essex England died Bef 1861
  Elizabeth Grace [48007]C born 28 Oct 1901, Chandller's Ford Hampshire England died 30 Aug 1992, New Forest [District] Hampshire England
  Emma Louise [98464]C born 17 Nov 1973
  Emma Sophie Girvan Selby [48044]C born 12 Oct 1965, Witney Oxfordshire England
  Ernest Cyril [49169]C born Apr 1872, Sydenham Kent England
  Ethel Mary [49142]C born Abt 1886 died 1962
  Fatma [49151]C died 1916
  Field Anthony [98463]C born 7 Aug 1971
  Field Grosvenor Selby [98403]C born 28 Nov 1915, St Pancras Middlesex England died 10 May 1993, East Malvern Melbourne VIC Australia
  Field Maxmillian Newnham [98466]C born 1 Mar 2009
  Field Winston [98405]C born 13 Sep 1949
  Frances Antonia [49171]C born 1876, Beirut Lebanon
  Frances Ellen [47992]C born 1843, Brighton Sussex England died 1844, Brighton Sussex England
  Frank Warren [121553]C born 8 Mar 1916, Deniliquin NSW Australia died 8 Jan 1999, Wangaratta VIC Australia
  Frederick [121415]C born Abt 1863, Murtoa Colony of Victoria died 29 Aug 1866
  Frederick Rosher Amelius [47997]C born 7 Jan 1847, Hove Sussex England died 10 Mar 1929, South Melbourne VIC Australia
  Frederick Single [98542]C born 25 Oct 1875, Armidale Colony of New South Wales died 1938, Mordialloc VIC Australia
  Fredrick Geoffrey [121542]C
  George [121417]C born Oct 1867, Melbourne Colony of Victoria died 9 Dec 1875
  George [47980]C born 30 Dec 1807
  George Davie [47991]C born 8 Dec 1837, Hove Sussex England died 31 Jul 1862, Shanghai Shanghai China
  Georgia Elizabeth [48050]C born Mar 1996
  Grace Maud [49145]C died Abt 1960
  Hannah Selby [47987]C born 20 Jun 1816, Colchester Essex England died 6 Nov 1900, Kent England
  Hannah Selby [47993]C born Abt 1846, Brighton Sussex England died 19 Jan 1921, Hove Sussex England
  Harriet [47982]C born 12 Apr 1811
  Harry Selby [98402]C born 1871, Melbourne Colony of Victoria died 19 Aug 1958, Melbourne VIC Australia
  Henry [121429]C born 7 Apr 1880, Brunswick Melbourne Colony of Victoria died 22 Mar 1971, Strickland? VIC Australia
  Henry John Francis [47643]C born 4 Jul 1840, Brighton Sussex England died 19 Jul 1923, Carlton Melbourne VIC Australia
  Henry Rogers [49168]C born 14 Nov 1870, Sydenham Kent England died 1939, Mersin Mersin Province Turkey
  Henry Selby in the Egyptian Service (Gen'l.) [47984]S,C born 29 Dec 1814 died 14 Jan 1886, Beirut Lebanon
  Henry Stewart [121520]C born 1901, Carlton Melbourne VIC Australia died 1969, Midd? VIC Australia
  Hilary Ann Selby [48029]C born 1964, Toronto York Co. Ontario Canada
  Horatio Alexander [49139]C born 1856 died 1920
  Horatio Reginald Hood [49141]C born 1884
  Hugh [23639]C born Jul 1880, Lewisham Kent England died 4 Jul 1967, Mildura VIC Australia
  Hugh Frederick [121481]C born 1917, Victoria Australia died 1983, Mildura VIC Australia
  Ida Lorraine [121560]C born 1 Oct 1915, Victoria Australia died 16 Jul 1925, Mildura VIC Australia
  Isabella [121416]C born Oct 1864, Tylden Colony of Victoria died 14 Jan 1866
  Jack Edward Prideaux Selby [48059]C born 2 Apr 1997
  James [47645]C born 8 May 1854, Hove Sussex England died 10 Feb 1930, Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey England
  James Edward Martin Selby [48046]C born 12 Oct 1973, Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey England died 18 Dec 2010
  Jane Selby [98470]C
  Jason Hugo Prideaux Selby [48045]C born 19 Jul 1967, Oxford Oxfordshire England
  Jocelyn [121544]C
  John [23640]C born 3 Mar 1871, Belfast Co. Antrim Ireland died 1952, Mildura VIC Australia
  John Percival [121540]C born 31 Dec 1917, Bendigo VIC Australia died 3 Oct 1986, Malvern Melbourne VIC Australia
  John William [47963]S born 10 Aug 1772, London England died Aug 1831, Colchester Essex England
  John William [47983]C born 29 Aug 1812
  Julian Tyler Barrett [48017]C born 4 Dec 1934, Wolverhampton Staffordshire England
  Katherine Harriet [48040]C born 1972
  Katherine Margaret [98465]C born 31 Oct 1978
  Katrina Anne [98472]C
  Laura Beatrice [48001]C born 22 Apr 1904, Quebec [Province] Canada died 3 Sep 1981, Sainte-Agathe Quebec Canada
  Laurence Reginald [121448]C born 9 Dec 1980, Sandhurst VIC Australia died 9 Jul 1916, Bendigo VIC Australia
  Lewis Charles [48051]C born May 1997
  Louisa [47978]C born 3 Dec 1803, Colchester Essex England died Apr 1857, North Aylesford Kent England
  Louisa [47990]C born 4 Jan 1836, Hove Sussex England died 21 May 1906, Armidale NSW Australia
  Lucille [48000]C born 1902 died 1904
  Mabel [49146]C born 1883 died 1897
  Maria Birchenall [121496]C born 8 Feb 1911, Victoria Australia died 4 Nov 2001, Frankston Melbourne VIC Australia
  Marian Lydia [23641]C born Abt 1872, Leeds Yorkshire England died 1950, Mildura VIC Australia
  Mary Amelia [47989]C born 31 May 1834, Brighton Sussex England died Aug 1916, Camberwell Surrey England
  Mary Ann [47976]C born 9 Dec 1799 died 18 Dec 1800
  Mary Louisa [121414]C born Jun 1862, Melbourne Colony of Victoria died 6 Sep 1866, Colony of Victoria
  Mary Selby [47981]C born Feb 1810 died 1 Mar 1811
  Minna [121434]C born 10 Feb 1883, Bendigo Colony of Victoria died 15 Mar 1945, Mildura VIC Australia
  Natasha Selby [48030]C born 1967, Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
  Nicholas George Prideaux Selby [48018]C born 28 Aug 1940, Wolverhampton Staffordshire England died 6 Jan 2013, Ipswich Suffolk England bur. 25 Jan 2013, Ipswich Suffolk England
  Olga Alexandra [98504]C born 5 Oct 1903, Mersin Mersin Province Turkey died 18 Jan 1992, Bedford Bedfordshire England
  Owen Charles [121477]C born 1909, Mildura VIC Australia
  Percival Owen [121438]C born 18 Sep 1885, Sandhurst Colony of Victoria died 17 Oct 1967, Toorak VIC Australia
  Prideaux Owen [23637]C born 27 Feb 1833, Brighton Sussex England died 12 Sep 1888, Melbourne Colony of Victoria
  Prideaux Selby [47641]C born 13 Feb 1801, Colchester Essex England died 13 Oct 1867, Brighton Sussex England
  Rosamund Aurora [98505]C born 25 Jul 1906, Gozne Mersin Province Turkey died 29 May 1996, Mersin Mersin Province Turkey
  Rupert [121483]C
  Rupert John [121480]C born 1915, Mildura VIC Australia
  Sarah [121427]C born 30 Oct 1878, Walgett Colony of New South Wales died 23 Jun 1971, West Perth WA Australia
  Sarah [49156]C born Abt 1862, Cairo Cairo Governate Egypt died 1895, Alexandria Alexandria Governate Egypt
  Sheila Lillian [121555]C born 19 May 1918, Bendigo VIC Australia died 6 Feb 1920, Bendigo VIC Australia
  Shirley Lillian [121558]C
  Suzan Tracey Selby [48028]C born 1962
  Sybil Ann Clinton Selby [48015]C born 11 Jul 1929, Yorkshire England
  Sydney A [49144]C
  Theodosia Victoria Katherine Antonia [98506]C born 17 Sep 1893, Mersin Mersin Province Turkey died 20 Nov 1979, Sutton Coldfield Warwickshire England
  Thomas Frederick [121546]C born 20 Oct 1912, Fremantle WA Australia died 20 Apr 1997, Berwick Melbourne VIC Australia
  Thomas James [48061]C born 18 Dec 2002, Reading Berkshire England
  Victor Owen [48006]C born 14 Apr 1897, Winchester Hampshire England died 30 Sep 1980, Poole Dorset England
  Wilfred [121482]C died 1916
  William Henry [98503]C born 2 Aug 1896, Mersin Mersin Province Turkey died 1982, Mersin Mersin Province Turkey
  Winifred [121479]C born Abt 1911, Wentworth NSW Australia died 1916, Mildura VIC Australia
  Winston Selby [98404]C born 13 Nov 1920, Melbourne VIC Australia died 11 Dec 2007, Parkville Melbourne VIC Australia
  Winston Thomas Field [98471]C
  Zohra [49154]C
  Athalie Woodruff [121487]C born Abt 1898, Walhalla Colony of Victoria
  Claude [121488]C born 1902, Walhalla VIC Australia died 1931, Maffra ViC Australia
  Eunice Freda Mantel [121494]C born 1915 died 2008
  Gwendoline Adella [121492]C born 1908, Brunswick Melbourne VIC Australia died 31 Dec 1994, Carrum Melbourne VIC Australia
  Jack Melbourne [121490]C born 21 Aug 1907, Walhalla VIC Australia died 17 Nov 2001, Maffra ViC Australia
  Leslie [121420]S died 1928, Queensland Australia
  Margaret Lilliam [121489]C born 1905, Victoria Australia
  Jayne [48039]S
  Nicholas [46984]S
  Remy Thomas [95421]C born 29 Dec 2009, Wellington Wellington New Zealand
  Yann-Cyril [95420]S born 7 Dec 1971, Bordeaux Aquitane France
  A (Rev.) [121074]S
  Robert Alun [87012]S born 17 Oct 1910, Cardiff Glamorganshire Wales died 17 Jan 1990, Sydney NSW Australia
  John [103903]C
  Robert [46972]S
  Felicia [121088]S
  Emily Georgina Carden [111152]S born 22 Sep 1875 died 28 May 1957
  William of Helmsley (Lord) [121994]S
  Alec Ewout [112205]C born 20 Feb 2003
  Caroline Isobel Ellen [111785]C born 21 Feb 1964
  Elwine Elizabeth [112204]C born 27 Jun 1999
  Jan Willem Cornelis [111784]C born 3 Mar 1962
  Vincent Frederick [112203]C born 20 Sep 1997
  Willem Frederik (Jhr.) [111783]S born 23 Aug 1935
  Peter Bromley [121563]S born Abt 1806, Thorpe-le-Soken Essex England died 5 Oct 1889, Middlesex England
  Ruth Lois [121478]S
  Charles [47994]S born 1796, Littlebury Sussex England died 9 Jan 1861, Aylesford Kent England
  Jeremiah Burch [121561]S born 1792, Rotherhithe Surrey England died 26 Nov 1874, Hereford Herefordshire England
  Heather [49181]S born 1933 died 1977
  Eleanore [121061]S born Sep 1921 died 2002
  Minnie [121083]S
  Edward 3rd Earl of Bedford [46998]C born 20 Dec 1572 died 3 May 1627
  Francis Kt. (Sir) [46997]S died 27 Jul 1585

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