Following are the Families associated with

the Keep Family, who married into my Ulph Family;

and, with their related Families.

All the Pages on this Keep Family intro Page have been updated late April and early May, 2007.

       The Keep Family, of the Midlands were a well known Engineering Family, descended from Richard Kepe, who was born in Stanwick, Northamptonshire about 1520. They were later related to the Lloyds, who went on to become the Proprietors of the world wide firm of Steel Pipe manufacturers, Stewarts & Lloyd.
       They also married into my own Ulph Family, when Joseph Scrivener Keep married Eliza Bishop Ulph. The Scrivener, Devonshire and Saddington Families were also closely associated with the Keep Family. Also associated with the these Families was the Family of Richard Bass who died in Bicester, Oxfordshire in 1715.
       In December 2009, a File of Information provided by Sue [Brice] Jones has linked her Brice Family, related to the Collard and Denne Families to the Keep, Finnis and Owens Families. More Links to the various Families associated with the Brice, Collard and Denne Families can be found "here". Please Note that the Denne Family is an ancient Family from Kent, whose earliest Ancestor, who we know of, was Pencerna [Butler] to Edward the Confessor.
For Keep Family Info contact Mark Turnbull, John Keep, Ralph Godfrey, or visit the WebSite of Charlie Binyon.
The Keep Family has been updated; and the Scrivener, Devonshire and Saddington Families have been added February 12th, 2006.
The Scrivener Family has again been updated after receiving a Copy of Joseph Scrivener's Will from Ruth Wisz in October 2009.
The Bass Family has been added in April 2010.
AND, on January the 23rd, 2011, as a result of Airlie Louise [Keep] Moore's continuing Family Breeding Program, the WebPages have been updated to accomodate her latest GrandChildren.
AND, again, on April the 3rd, 2011, as a result of further advice from Airlie Louise [Keep] Moorem, the WebPages have been updated to accomodate her latest GrandChildren. THANK YOU AGAIN AIRLIE!
Again, on September the 9th, 2011, the Keep Family WebPages have been undated after receiving more Information from Mark Turnbull.

       Mark Turnbull's own Family, that of James Turnbull came from Stirlingshire in Scotland.
The James Turnbull Family have been substantially updated October 10, 2004.
 The Mellen/Sheppard Families, who originated in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire in the 1700s married into the Turnbull Family in Victoria, Australia in the early 1900s.

The Mellen/Sheppard Family Information has been added to the WebSite in late December 2007.
       So too, did the Family of Alfred Charles Guley, 1858-1934, who came from England to the Colony of Victoria [Australia]; and whose Daughter, Alice May Guley, married Robert Turnbull Stewart, the Son of James McPherson Stewart and Mary Carmichael Turnbull.
The Guley Family Information, which came from Dorothy Ingram has been added to the WebSite in May 2010.

Of further significant interest is a WebSite maintained by James Smith Benton of Wisconsin, USA. This Site is virtually a Keep Family Photo Gallery. To visit it click here.

On June the 7th, 2008, an important eMail was received from John Keep, as follows:
I have some breaking news for you and your [Keep] group. Together with Bob Warner and Marcus Keep we have set up a Keep Family DNA project. The initial purpose was to try and establish the origins of John Keep of Longmeadow. Marcus is the tenth generation down from John and his DNA markers are identical to mine, a descendant from Walter Kep of Astwood. Whilst we have managed to establish a genetic link, and added some credence to the oral tradition that John originated from Northamptonshire, we are now looking for other links with other Keep family groups, i.e. from Berkshire, Hampshire, Lincolnshire etc. Our website is . I would really welcome contact from any of your group who are interested in the project.

Other Families who have been connected to, or inter-married with the Keeps include:

       The Family of Elnathan Allen, circa 1660, who came from Wexford in Ireland and migrated to the Colony of New South Wales and later Tasmania about the 1840s, or 1850s; and, the Family of Richard Kerkham, born about 1787, in King's Lynn Lincolnshire, whose Family married into the Allen Family.

       The Bettsworth Family whose earliest known Family Member probably orginated in London about 1740; and who married into the Keep Family in 1813. Thomas Bettsworth is the 2nd Generation. Associated with the Bettsworth Family is the Pink Family, circa 1730, who possibly originated in the Area around Portsmouth.
       The Miles Family [more or less] merged into the Bettsworth/Keep Families when the Wife of Algernon Osmond Miles, Elsie Evelyn subsequently married Major Thomas Bettsworth Keep in 1949.
The Miles Family was added to the WebSite on August the 3rd, 2009.

       The Family of William Arnott also lived in New South Wales; and gave Australia one of it's Icons, "Arnott's Biscuits". We also have details of the Ebsworth Family, who originally came from Middlesex; and who married into the Arnott Family; and of the Family of Isaac Winn, whose origins are presently unknown; but whose Children were born in the Colony of New South Wales. The Winn Family married into the Arnott Family in 1880. Also associated with this Family is the Family of Thomas Jones from South Wales. The Jones Family also married into the Mander Family and adopted the Mander-Jones Surname. The Family of William Brewster are also associated with this Group, when Helen W McMurtrie married William Harold Winn in 1917.
The Jones/Mander-Jones Family was added to the WebSite on April the 12th, 2010.
The Winn Family have been updated on March 10, 2012; and,
The Brewster Family have been added on the same Date.
Following Information from Lee Eggleton in 2021, the William Arnott Family have been updated in April 2022.
Following further Information, particularly concerning the Robberds and associated Families, the Thomas Jones WebPages have been updated in March 2023 .
       The Family of David Arnott and Margaret Bryce is another Arnott Family, who migrated to the Colony of New South Wales. Although these 2 Arnott Families originated in adjoining Counties, as yet [April 2022] we cannot find a Link between them. The Information on this Family of David Arnott was proivided by Lee Eggleston over the Period July 2021 to January 2022.

       The Austin Family, whose precise origins are presently unknown. The Families of John Busby from Edinburgh, of John Bettington, circa 1770, from Bristol in Somerset, of John Bowler, circa 1720, probably from London, the Bowman Family, circa 1740, from Mid Lothian, Scotland, the Family of William Henry Chapman, who originally came from Buckinghamshire; and the Chisholm Family, whose origins are also unknown; but who were early migrants to the Colony of New South Wales. Another Family, whose origins are unknown; but who were early settlers in the young Colony of New South Wales, were the Cooper Family.

       We also have details of the Family of Hugh Dixson, who came from Edinburgh, Scotland about 1790. The Family of James Edgell, circa 1735, who originated in Bristol, England; and whose Family ceated another of Australia's iconic "Brands", the Families of James Elliott, circa 1790 and Richard Venn-Brown, circa 1855, whose origins are also unknown; and the Evans Family, circa 1700, probably from Suffolk, England. Associated with the Evans Family is the Family of Ambrose Lyon Poynter. We now, as of June 2008 have another Edgell Family, that of Edward Edgell, who was born about 1786 in Frome, Somerset, England, not all that far from James, who originated in Bristol, so there must be a connection somewhere. This Edward Edgell Family becomes the Frank Whittaker Bush Family within a Generation or two. As a further update, we now, in June 2010 have an additional Elliott Family, that of Henry Isher Elliott, who was born in Wantage, Berkshire in 1814. Mark Turnbull believes this and the James Elliott Family are probably connected; but the connection is not yet proven.
The Edward Edgell Family was added to the WebSite on June the 19th, 2008.
The Elliott Family has been edited and replaced on August the 6th, 2009.
The Poynter Family has been edited and replaced on August the 29th, 2009.
The James Elliott Family WebPages have been updated and the Henry Isher Elliott Pages have been added on June the 15th, 2010.
The Venn-Brown Family has been updated on January the 4th, 2011.
As a result of a large File received from John Donovan in April 2011, the Evans and Poynter Family Pages have been updated on January the 18th, 2011.
The James Elliott Family WebPages have again been updated on March the 3rd, 2011..
As a result of corrections made by Merridy [Eastman] Staiger, the Evans and Poynter Family Pages have been updated on March the 15th, 2011,
and following further Information received from James Donovan, on July the 23rd, 2013, the Evans Family WebPages have been updated .

        In April 2010, contact from Anthea Mitchell has provided Information on many of the early Colonial Families [of the Colony of New South Wales - later Australia] who link through these Group of Families, Included in this Group are:
               The Family of the Venerable, Rev. William Cowper, Archdeacon, from Whittington in Lancashire, who migrated to the Colony of New South Wales in 1809 with his Family. They subsequently married into the Family of Phillip Gidley King, an early Governor of the Colony.
               The Dunlop Family, whose origins are unknown; but who settled in the Area around Wollombi in the Colony of New South Wales,
               The Family of Hugh Gordon, whose origins are unknown; but who married into the MacArthur Family in 1840. Some of the Family appear to have settled in Braidwood in the Colony of New South Wales.
               The Family of Richard Kemp, circa 1800, whose Family married into the King/Lethbridge Families.
               The Kennedy Family who migrated to the Colony of New South Wales in the late 1700s.
               The Family of Christopher Lethbridge, circa 1770, who came from Launceston in Cornwall; and whose Family married into the Family of Governor Phillip Gidley King in 1817.
               The Family of Richard Raine, circa 1760, who was an early Immigrant to the Colony of New South Wales and whose Descendants married into the Dunlop Family. An early Member of the Raine Family became a Real Estate Agent, from which Origin has developed the Raine & Horne Real Estate Group of Today.
               The Family of the Rev. John Vincent, born in Cork, Ireland in 1789; and whose Family married into the Elliott Family in the 1850s.
The Cowper Family has been added and the King Family updated on December the 29th, 2010 .
The Dunlop Family has been added to the WebSite on January the 4th, 2011.
The Gordon and MacArthur Families have been added to the WebSite on January the 4th, 2011.
The Kemp Family has been added to the WebSite on January the 5th, 2011.
The Kennedy Family has been added to the WebSite on December the 17th, 2010;
The Lethbridge Family has been added to the WebSite on January the 4th, 2011.
The Raine Family has been added to the WebSite on January the 4th, 2011.
The Cowper Family has been updated and the Vincent Family added on March the 3rd, 2011.
The Vincent Family has been updated on August the 20th, 2011
As a result of more Information from Anthea Mitchell the Gordon, Kemp, Lethbridge and Raine Families
    have again been updated in August 2011.

       You can also find details of the Family of Thomas Fairfax, whose Family came from Warwickshire about 1450; and who created another Australian Icon, in the Sydney Morning Herald [Newspaper]. The Fairfax Family married into the Family of Robert Chaplin, who was born about 1504 in Long Melford in Suffolk. A History of the Chaplin Family is also available, provided by James Wilkinson and David Allison.

       The Family of John Finnis, who was born in 1722, in East Langdon, in Kent, England, are connected to several of the other Families, including that of John Brown, born 1799, also from Kent, and Daniel Donovan, circa 1800, who probably came from the Area around Cork in Ireland. In January 2011, as a result of a File of Information received from John Donovan, the following Family WebPages have been added to the Site:
       The Family of David Borthwick, circa 1710, who was probably born somewhere in East Lothian, Scotland, married into the Forsyth Family, who in turn married into the Cadell Family within a few Generations.
       The Family of William Cadell, 1668 to 1728, who was probably born somewhere in East Lothian, Scotland.
       The Family of Richard Culpin, born somewhere in Northamptonshire in about 1585,
       The Family of James Debney, born in Saffron Walden, Essex, in about 1563,

       The Family of John Hog, born about 1662 in Prestonpans, East Lothian, married into the Cadell Family within a Generation.
       The Family of Andrew Johnson, circa 1800, probably an Irish Convict, who married into the Elliott and Cadell Families within the first Generation or so.
       The Family of Robert Melbourne, born about 1567 in Great Chesterford, Essex, whose Family, through the Flemin Fmaily, married into the Debney Family within a few Generations.
       The Family of Samuel Tavenor, born in 1621 in Romford, Essex, whose Family married into Finnis and Harpur Families within a few Generations, so we only display 6 Generations of the Family.
       The Family of William Tredget, circa 1535, probably from Shudy Camps in Cambridgeshire, whose Family married into the Debney Family within a few Generations.
       The Wingeier, later Windeyer Family, who originated in Lauperswil, Bern, Switzerland about 1644,
The Finnis Family has been updated on October the 28th, 2009;
and the Donovan Family WebPages have been added on the same Date.
On January the 18th, 2011, the Donovan Family WebPages have been updated,
and on January the 18th & 19th, the Borthwick, Cadell, Culpin, Debney, Hog, Johnson, Melbourne, Tavenor, Tredget and Windeyer, WebPages have been added.
Twice in December 2011, the Wingeir/Windeyer Family have been updated following the receipt of further Information from Janet [Windeyer] Denne; and
again, on January the 5th, 2012 the Cadell and Windeyer Families have been updated,
again, on July the 23rd, 2013, following more Information received from James Stephen Windeyer Donovan, the Cadell, Donovan and Windeyer Family WebPages have been updated .

       There are pages for the Forwood Family, from Yorkshire, the Family of Harman Samler, born 1719 in Hanover, Germany. He moved to London; and the Samler Family disappear but become the Tucker Family within 3 Generations. Also associated with the Forwood Family are the Rossiter Family from Cornwall, who have a large content of Broad Family, the Family of Charles Smith from Watford in Hertfordshire and the Lepard Family, also from that Area. One Member of the Smith Family changed his Name to become the King-Smith Family. The Lepard and Smith Families were Paper Makers; and became the Proprietors of the well-know Stationers and Book-sellers, J. J. Smith. A brief History of the Families and the Mills of the Watford Area can be found "here";
and an excellent History of the Forwood Family prepared by Keith Goodman can be seen "here". Be warned you will need to spend considerable time to absorb all the Information in this wonderful History.
Another Family associated with the Forwood Family is the Easdown Family, whose earlier Generations are the Langley Family. The Easdown Family connects through the Marriage of William Robert Easdown to Catherine Esther Forwood in 1869.
           In November 2010, Brian Attree has provided Information on his Murton Family Ancestors, who married into the Forwood Family.

           In August 2009, a question has been raised about an Individual shown as connected to the Thomas Cockburn and Crush Families. These 2 Sets of Family Pages have been uploaded to permit the Forwood Family Connections to resolve the various Questions associated with this Change. NOW, in 2010, Walter Savige has said that there is a discrepancy in the Cockburn Family, so from Information provided by Walter, we now have an additional Family, of George Cockburn, 1780-1838 to consider.
The Forwood Family have been updated and the Samler Family Pages added, March 10, 2006.
The Lepard Family has been added; and the Smith Family updated following additional Information from John Robson in September 2007.
The Rossiter Family have been added in December 2007, as has the Forwood Family History.
The Easdown and Langley Family Pages have been added in April 2008.
The Forwood Family have again been updated on October the 8th, 2009 as a result of additional Information provided by Cheryl "Chez" Forwood.
The Forwood Family have again been updated on December the 21st, 2009 as a result of another File of Information associated with John Weech Forwood, again provided by Cheryl "Chez" Forwood.
On April 19, 2010 the Forwood Family has again been updated after receiving further Information from Merilyn Pedrick;
and, again on October the 14th, 2010 after receiving Information from Lynn [Turner] Shea in Kentucky .
On January 20, 2011, the Family of Thomas Cockburn has been amended and the Family of George Cockburn and the Crush Family have been added;
and the Forwood Family have again been updated on January the 28th, 2011.
On April 16, 2011, the Easdown Family has been greatly expanded, over a 1000 more Easdown/Easden Family Members added, as a result of a large File of Information received from Vicky Searle, an unconnected Researcher. Vicky gives credit to Stan Blanks for some of the Information she has provided.
The Forwood Family has again been updated in July 2011, adding a further 86 Forwood[s] as a result of a File of Information received from Brian Attree in Nobember 2010.
The Murton Family has been added on July the 25th, 2011.
The Easdown Family have been updated, August 29, 2011 following Information provided by Christine Anitra [Easdown] Cowan.
The Langley Family have been updated in April 2012, following receipt of new Information from Mark Turnbull in September 2011.

       The Family of Adam de Bucton, circa 1190 originated in the Village of Buckton, in Northumberland, close to the Scottish Border. Adam was Head Forrester and Game-keeper to the Bishop of Durham. The Family soon took the Name of Forster. An early Branch of the Family, the Family of Colonel John Foster, became owners of large Estates in both Jamaica and Pembrokeshire. The early parts of the Foster Family are difficult to accurately connect with the original de Bucton/Forster Family, so any help to do so will be greatly appreciated. We have now, mid Sept, 2007 traced Col. John's Ancestors back a few Generations; but still cannot connect them to the de Bucton Forsters. There is another break in the Line, when Mary Brooks, in 1790 left her Forster Husband for Lieut. Ebenezer Mussell. Their Children took either the Name of Forster or Mussell, apparently indiscriminately. You need to view the 3 Files to get an idea of the entire Forster Family Connections. In November 2008, Françoise Forster from Courbevoie in France has added her Family's Details to the Colonel John Foster Pages.
        Now, in August 2011, following the Input from several People including Hugh Drake-Brockman, Andrew Ager, John Foster, John Lowe, Marigold [Roberts] Potter, Peter Dickson and Rowena Thomas we have a much enhanced Picture of the De Bucton, Forster and Foster-Barham Family; and the Family of Colonel John Foster [above], now commences with Roger Forster and Joan Hussey, possibly from somewhere around Hunstanton in Hertfordshire in the very early 1500s; and while the Link to Colonel John Foster [above] will take you to the Family of Roger and Joan [Hussey] Forster, so will this one.
         AND, again, in March, 2015, following a lot of Work by John Lowe, the Brooks Family, in particular, have been updated. This has resulted in the Family being taken back a couple of Generations, but also the removal of some of the Descendants of Mary Brooks, so for comparative Purposes, the Mary Brooks Pages have been left in place and the updated, and slightly reduced Pages reflecting the current Knowledge of the Brooks Family are shown on a different Set of WebPages, the Christopher Brooks, M.D. Pages.
         AND, again, in June-August, 2015, following the Introduction of new Data from Jane [Campbell] Bennett, and a lot more Work by Marigold [Roberts] Potter and John Lowe, we can again update the de Bucton and Forster Families, and add the Families of Arland Ussher and his two Wives, and of Thomas Fitzgibbon from Co. Limerick in Ireland.
The de Bucton/Forster & Foster Families have been added, September the 5th, 2007.
The Colonel John Foster WebPages have been updated, September the 22nd, 2009.
In August 2011 the ed Bucton Family has been updated;
The original Col. John Foster Family WebPages have been replaced with those of Roger Forster and his Wife Joan Hussey,
and in August 2013, they have been updated with additional Informaiton provided by John Lowe and Peter Dickson.
In March, 2015, following a lot of Work by John Lowe, the Forster [Roger & Joan Hussey] WebPages have been updated, and an additional Set of Brooks Family WebPages added.
In August 2015, following new Information from Jane [Campbell] Bennett and work by Marigold [Roberts] Potter and John Lowe, new Pages have been added and others Updated.

         In March 2021, after a Period of neglect of this WebSite, Marigold [Roberts] Potter and Patrick de Meuleemeester approached in an Effort to link their Furly-Forster Family to the principal Forster Family, descended from Adam de Bucton [above], to date, we have been unable to establish that Connection, so the Furly-Forster Family is shown as a separate Orphan Family; and any Assistance anyone can give that will establish a positive Connection will be greatly appreciated.
As a Result of their considerable Research Efforts reading many old Books and Manuscripts, they, Marigold and Patrick, have established an alternate Origin for the de-Buc/Forster Family, originating in the very early French Court and that Court's Forresters, specifically, Lyderic de Buc, who was appointed as First Grand Forrester by Dagobert I, King of the Franks. As a Result of the extensive Research carried out by Marigold and Patrick, with a little added Information from Wikipedia, we have also established a Number of other Families linked to the de Buc/Forster Line. They are:
            The Family of Saer I de Qiucy, circa 1100, and Matilda de Senlis, also,
            The Descendants of Rollo, G-G-GrandFather of William [the Conqueror] de Normandie,

                        NOTE: This Link to the Descendants of William I of England is a considerable Upgrade on the original Set of Files available under the same Name, in a Different Intro Page, which you can see at the original 'Normandie' Site.
               The Family of Henry de Bohun, 1176-1220, 1st Earl of Hereford, and Maud de Mandeville, also,
               The Family of Sir Robert d'Umfreville, probably born around 1050; but otherwise we know nothing of him.
A later Iteration of the de Bohun Family, ceated in September 2021, can be found here

Following the March 2021 Information received from Marigold Potter and Patrick de Meuleemeester, contact was made by Phillip Jacob, who provided a very extensive Family Tree, that was hand drawn by Helen Morgan; and was compiled with the Assistance of Elizabeth Jacob, Elizabeth Howard and Cluny Selby, Kenneth Jacob and Phillip Jacob. Drawing on the Information contained in that Tree, results in the creation of a revised Tree for the Family of Lyderic de Buc, and, additional WebPages for the following Families:
               The Descendants of King Ecgberht of Wessex and Queen Consort Raedburgh, for 6 Generations, until they merge with the Family of Lyderic de Buc,
               The Descendants of Ceolwulf, King of Mercia, for 6 Generations, who then feed into the de Buc Family Pages,
               The Descendants of Admiral Michiel de Ruyter, whose Family, through the van Hattem and Bond Families merges with the Jacob Family,
               The Descendants of Amos Jacob, 1570-1635 and his Wife, Ricordina Claringboule,
               The Family of Amos Jacob also trace their Roots, through the Marriage of Edward Jacob and Jane Viall, who were married in 1704 at Willesborough, Kent, back to Edward Plantaganet,
                         King Edward I of England. However, we have that Line extending back to Rollo of Normandie, the 3rd Great-GrandFather of William the Conqueror. While the Family Pages for
                         this Line exist in other Parts of this WebSite, here are the updated Pages for Rollo of Normandie, that leads into the Jacob Family.
               We also have the Selby Family, whose Origins are something of a Mystery; but who probably originated in the far North-East of England. They consist of 2 separate Lines who intermarry in 1544. They are,
               The Family of Bryan Selby, who was probably born around 1200; and
               The Family of Roger Selby, who was probably born in the mid 1400s; and whose Family merge with the Jacob Family.
               AND, finally, to provide a slightly different View of the Families, a set of WebPages showing the Ancestors [as opposed to the Descendants] of Phillip Jacob.

Following the Work done on the Forster Family, an extremely large File of the Ancestors of Prideaux Selby Rickards, born in 1801 in Colchester, was received from Sue [Drummond] Harrison. This was an extensive File that took the Rickards and Selby Family Ancestry back almost 40 Generations to the very early Royal Houses of the Anglo-Saxons, the Franks, the Germans and to the Rulers of the Holy Roman Empire. Working from this File; and cross referencing to both Wikipedia and Geni, along with some other WebSites, the following Family WebPages have been produced; but, first,
            The Ancestors of Prideaux Selby Rickards, 1801-1867, followed by, starting with the earliest Ancestor from Generation 38, we have the Ancestral Families of the Selby/Rickards Group. Please note, some of these Families have been listed and WebPages produced previoulsy; but here, probably contain additional Information that has been gleaned from the WebPages mentioned above.
The earliest of these Families, from Generation 38 of the P S Rickards Ancestors, is,
            The Family of Lyderic de Buc, Forrester of Flanders, c600-692.
Now, in April 2022, following more Research by Patrick de Meulemeester, we have an Update due to a minor, but important, change in Patrick's Ancestry.
From Generation 33
, we have,
            The Family of Ceolwulf, King of Mercia, 766-823; and,
From Generation 32
, we have,
            The Family of King Ecgberht of Wessex, 769-838.
            The von Saschen Dynasty, Rulers of Saxony, starting with Graf Brunhart von Billung, 780-816, whose Daughter, Oda, married into the von Sachsen Family.
            The de Tosny [de Toeni] Family, starting with,
Seigneur Roger de Tosny de Conches, c990-1040. Roger's Descendants include the Earls of Hereford and the de Grai [de Grey] Families.
Next, from Generation 31 of the P S Rickards Ancestors WebPages, we have,
            The de Briwere Family, starting with Reginald de Briwere, born about 1010 in Normandy.
            The de Vaux Family, starting with Bertrand de Vaux, 950-990, from Normandy, whose Family merge with the de Braose Family amongst others.
             The Martel Family, Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire and Ancestors of William [the Conqueror] and the Beauclerc Kings of England.
Then, from Generation 30, we have,
            The de Ferrers Family, commencing with Seigneur Walkelin de Ferrieres de Ferrières-Saint-Hilaire, c1010-1040.
Next, from Generation 28, we have,
            The Peverell Family, commencing with Ranulf de Wrenoc, born circa 1000, probably in Normandy. Also, from Generation 28, we have the next four Families,
            The Family of William de Normandie [the Conqueror], commencing with Rollo de Normandie, who was born around 846, somewhere in Scandinavia,
            The Arduinici Family, commencing with Conte Roger de Arduinici, c866-935 from Piedmont in Italy,
            The de Welf Family, commencing with King Rudolph II de Welf of Upper Burgandy & Italy, born circa 880, somewhere in the Rhone Valley,
            The Capet Family, Kings of France, commencing with King Hugues, born in Paris, circa 940; and was the first Capet King of the Franks.
From Generation 27, we have,
            The d'Umfreville Family, commencing with Robert, born circa 1005, possibly in Normandy,
            The Family of Malcolm III de Dunkeld, King of Scotland, born in March 1031 in Perthshire,
            The de Lusignan Family, commencing with Hugues de Lusignan, 1141-1169, from Poitiers in France,
            The Counts of Savoy, commencing with Comte Thomas I, born circa 1176, Birthplace unknown,
            The Family of Conde Sancho de Castilla, 965-1017, from Castille in Spain, the Ancestor of the Kings of Castille & Leon,
            The Family of Duke Robert [Capet] de Bourgogne, 1011-1076, a Son of King Robert II Capet of the Franks,
From Generation 26, we have,
            The Family of Seigneur de Brix, 1023-1066, from Orkney, the earliest Ancestor of the de Braose Family of Sussex,
            The Family of Osbert Clinton, 1179-1222, from Coleshill iu Wawrickshire, the Ancestor of the de Clinton Family of Warwickshire,
            The Family of Richard de Neuville, circa 1000 to circa 1100, probably from Lincolnshire; and Ancestor of the de Neville Family,
            The Family of Comte Geoffrey de Brionne, cica 960-1015, Son of Richard de Normandie and an unknown Concubine,
            The Family of William Fitzalan, 1136-1210, probably from Shropshire,
            The Family of Baron Theobald de Boteler, Butler of Ireland, circa 1190-1230, probably from Norfolk in England,
            The Family of Lord Hervey Fitzbagot of Stafford, c1130-1214, the Ancestor of the de Stafford/Stafford Family, from Stafford in Staffordshire,
            The Family of Seigneur Richard de Saint-Valery, c1020-1055, from Saint-Valery-en-Caux in France,
            The Family of Seigneur Lancelin de Baugency, c995-1051, probably from the Loire Valley in France,
            The Family of Vicomte Richard de Gavaudan, who died about 1050, and whose Origins are unknown; but, who was an Ancestor of the Royal Houses of Leon and Castille, of France and of England.
            The Family of Comte Gerard von Bouzonville, c985-1045, from Metz in France, Ancestor of the de Bourgogne Dukes of Burgundy,
From Generation 25, we have,
            The Family of Saer de Quincy, born circa 1110; but whose Origins are unknown,
            The Family of Baron William de Percy of Topcliffe, 1192-1245, from Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England,
            The Fitzwalter Family, Earls of Hereford, commencing with Roger Fitzosborne de Pitres, circa 1035-1083, from Pitres in Normandy,
            The Family of Humphrey de Bohun, circa 1040-1083, from St Georges de Bohun in Normandy, France; and, finally,
            The Family of Gilbert Fitzrobert Giffard, c1070-1130, from Cheddar in Somerset, England. The Giffard Family quickly become the Marshall Family of Wiltshire.
Soon after the above Set of WebPages were produced, another large File was received from Patrick de Meulemeester, mostly relating to the Ancestry of Dorothy Ogle, 1498-1550. As a result the WebPages of the Family of Lyderic de Buc, the Family of William de Normandie, the Family of Richard de Neuville; and the Family of Baron William de Percy have been updated; and
            The Ogle Family, commencing with Robert Heppale, 1279-1325, probably from Northumberland in England, Father-in-Law to Sir Robert Ogle,
            The Fitzmaldred [Neville] Family, commencing with Earl Maldred MacCrinan, c1015-1045, from Dunbar, East Lothian in Scotland; and
            The Family of Roger de Mowbray, 1120-1188, from Masham, Yorkshire, England.

      IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE, also, in September 2021, Patrick de Meulemeester provided the following Documents,
            A Document discussing the Remote Origins of the Frankish Foresters and a Document discussing the Descendants of the Forsters of Adderstone [Edderstone] and Bamburgh. This latter Document is obviously a very recent Production; but as yet, I cannot acknowledge who is the Author.
            As a Consequence, further Searching across the Internet Family History Pages, has established a Connection between Lyderic de Buc and Clovis 1 de Merovingia, King of the Salian Franks and to his 5th Great-Grand-Father, Malaric I de Merovingia. These new WebPages will take the Reader from these early Origins through the Forster Family of Northumberland.
            OF SOME IMPORTANCE to myself, the Custodian of these WebPages, Clovis I was already an Individual of Interest in our DataBase, among his many Descendants through their Maternal Line, are my Sons, Michael Howard Ulph Smith and Gregory John Smith and their Descendants.
            Further Encouragement from Patrick de Meulemeester late in September 2021 results in further Investigations to the Origins of the Ancestors of Dorothy Ogle, resulting in, upgraded WebPages for the de Neville [Fitzmaldred] Family, and, an additional Set of WebPages for,
            The Family of William I de Gascoigne, born 1030 in Gascony; and,
      In early October, 2021, further Research by Patrick de Meulemeester resulted in Details of,
            The Family of Richard de Beaufou, who was born around 880, probably in France; and is another Ancestral Line of Patrick's.

        The Family of the Rev. Robert Greene, born in 1718, probably from Ireland. The Connection of the Greene Family to the rest of the Families in our Database is tenuous to say the least.
        Also included is the full Ancestral History of Rawdon Foster Pomeroy-Greene, the Rev. Robert's Great-Great-Grandson.
The Greene Family and Ancestral Pages have been added, September the 4th, 2009.

       The Family of John Grimwade, probably from Norfolk. The Hordern Family, circa 1740, who came from Staffordshire, were the Proprietors of the Anthony Hordern Department Stores that later merged with "Myers".
The Hordern Family WebPages have been updated on February the 9th, 2012.

       The Family [part of] of Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, circa 1500, whose Family married into the Arundell Family, who later became the Arndell Family who married into the Turnbull Family. The Family of Peter Kilpinne came from Bedfordshire. Peter was born about 1530. Associated with [married into] the Kilpin Family is the Family of William Wright, circa 1830, who probably came from Windsor in Berkshire.
The Kilpinne Family WebPages have been updated on November the 24th, 2011 after receiving additional Kilpin Information from Chris Wright.
The Information on the Wright Family [we have added almost 1000 Persons to the DataBase has been uploaded to the WebSite in July 2013. It all came from a Co-operation of the Family Members, particularly, Chris Wright, Catherine [McAdam] Groeneveld-Meijer and Peter Wright.
And, in September 2015, following nore Work by various Family Members, the Kilpinne and Wright Family WebPages have again been updated
And, in January 2018, following nore Work by various Family Members, the Kilpinne and Wright Family WebPages have again been updated .

Now we come to an interesting connection. The Vosper Family, who have been Farmers and Businessmen in the Area around Launceston in Devon since the late 1600s married into the Forwood Family. The Forwood Family are connected by Marriage to the Keep Family, who are connected to my Ulph Family. While entering the Vosper Family Data, I found that they are also connected by Marriage to the Barham family, who are in turn connected to the Edwards Family, who are connected to my Smith Family, by way of a Marriage to my Great Grand Aunt, Harriette Anne Smith. -- So, we have the Smiths, to the Ulphs, to the Keeps, to the Forwoods, to the Vospers, [pause for breath] to the Barhams, to the Edwards; and back to the Smiths, making the Circle.
       I would like to thank Dr. John Jennings, in Kingswood, South Australia for allowing me to include all the Vosper Family Data he has sent me. If you have any questions, or anything to add concerning the Vosper Family, please email me.
BUT, remember, eMail Addresses need to be modified, replace the " at " in the Address with "@"
The Vosper Family Pages have been added, January, 20, 2005.

The Forwood Family Pages have been updated, February 13, 2007..

       Other Families include, the Family of Charles Jones who hailed from Jamaica. The King Family, of Cornwall gave the Colony of New South Wales one if it's early Governors, Phillip Gidley King.
       The Family of Edward Lamb came from Carlisle in Cumberland; and the Family of James Milson, who lived in the Wollombi Area of the Colony of New South Wales. The Family of Alexander MacArthur, circa 1730, whose origins are unknown, as are those of the Family of William Maher.
       Information on the Family of William Wharton, who came from Cheshire and migrated with his Family to the Colony of Queensland, was provided by Mark Turnbull with a number of Files received in December 2011.
The King Family WebPages have been updated on the 29th of December, 2010, almost doubling the Number of Individuals.
The Lamb Family WebPages have been updated on the 18th of December, 2012, more than doubling the Number of Individuals, following the receipt of more Information from Mark Turnbull.
The Wharton Family WebPages have been created and uploaded on December the 21st, 2012. .

       The Family of Randolph Nott, from Sydney in the Colony of New South Wales. The Family of Thomas Parnell, from Cheshire, in England, who married into the Family of Theophilus Cooper, who was born in Windsor in the Colony of New South Wales.
The Parnell Family Pages, with the Cooper additions have been updated, May 23, 2005.
NOTE: The Family of Theophilus Cooper is a different Cooper Family from that mentioned towards the top of this Page.

       The Family of John Playfair, circa 1780, who probably came from Fifeshire in Scotland; and the Family of Thomas Matheson, born July 23, 1862, in Peebles, Scotland. The Family of Hugh Ronald and Ishbel Mahoul; and the Family of Roibert Ross from Worcestershire. The Family of Randle Siddeley came from Cheshire, England; and who married into the Family of William Hyslop and Jean Maxwell. Over the Years the Family have at various times be known as "Hyslop", "Maxwell Hyslop" and "Maxwell-Hyslop". The Family of Thomas Storey, circa 1790, whose origins are also unknown; and the Suttor Family, from London.
The Family Pages of Thomas Matheson have been added, February 02, 2006;
and the Hyslop [Maxwell-Hyslop] Family added on July the 31st, 2007.

Also connected to the Playfair Family was the Family of Joseph Wilkinson. Joseph, circa 1700, came from Leeds in Yorkshire.
       The Wilkinson Family are also associated with,
The Chaplin Family, who trace their origins back to Robert Chaplin, born in Long Melford, Suffolk about 1504;
and the Archer [l'Archer] Family, starting with Fulbert l'Archer, born 1066, whose Family occupied Umberslade Hall in Warwickshire for most of the last Thousand Years.
The Parke Family is another Family closely associated with the Wilkinsons and Chaplins. All of the Parke Family Information can be found within the Chaplin Family Pages.
Most of the Wilkinson Information has been provided by James Wilkinson & David Allison.
All of the Information on the Chaplin and l'Archer Families was also provided by James.
Another Family associated with the Wilkinsons is that of Michael Rickards, who we believe came from Colchester, in Essex. Information on the various branches of this Family has been supplied by Nicholas [Nick] Rickards. However, in June 2011, Juliet [Rickards] Ross has provided a CD of the Rickards Family. Included in this Information are the Family of Joseph Bee, who probably originated in the Norfolk/ Lincolnshire Border Area and Ellors Family who also married into the Rickards Family. The Ellors Family started with William Ellers, circa 1750, who probably came from Kingston-upon-Hull in Yorkshire; but whose Name appears as Ellors in subsequent Generations. This Information from Juliet's CD has markedly increased the number of Rickards, Bee and Ellors People.
The Family Pages of Michael Rickards have been added, September 24, 2007;
and have been updated, with Bee and Ellors Families added on December 31, 2011.
In February 2013, following further Information received from Field Rickards, Celia Ebdon & Noha Sadek, the WebPages have again been updated .
These "Wilkinson" Families were also connected to the Forbes Family; and appear on the Intro Page for Anthony Armitage Bishop's Family Connections.

        The Family of Robert Scholes, circa 1780, probably from Lancashire. The Scholes Family connect to the Keep Family in the 3rd Generation, when Edward Scholes married Gertrude Annie Keep in Leichhardt, Sydney in the Colony of New South Wales in 1886.
The Family Pages of Robert Scholes was updated on August the 8th, 2009, after contact from Glennys Gow; and,
In October 2021 the WebPages were again updated following Information received from Mark Turnbull .

       The Family of James Tetley, born 1745, in Yorkshire, England, the well known Tea Merchants the Family of William B Walford, whose Family probably lived in Katoomba, Colony of New South Wales; and the Family of James White, whose origins are again unknown.

        Finally, the Family of Johan Georg Fischer, 1520-1586, probably from North-Eastern Prussia, which is now part of Poland and Lithuania, whose Family subsequently became t
he Von Fischer-Truenfeld Family. The Von Fischer-Truenfeld Family married into the Keep Family.

       For all of the above, more Information can be obtained from Mark Turnbull, or you can eMail me; and I will pass any Messages to whoever can best help.

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