The Stanger Families;

and related Families

"Our" Stanger Families originated in the Area around Harringworth in Northamptonshire and Barrowden [just across the Border] in Rutland.

                  HEAR YE, HEAR YE, HEAR YE! !!!
            I believe that we have now linked the Harringworth [previously commencing with Thomas] and Barrowden Stangers. the Thomas Stanger [of Harringworth] now commences a Generation earlier, with [another] Humphrey Stanger, who was born in Harringworth, circa 1570, so this combined Stanger Family is now made up of 3872 Individuals; and great thanks must be given to all the hard Work that has been put in by Joyce [Pickering] Trousdale and Ken Stanger over the recent Months, and to Gerry Stanger, whose brief File provided the Link between the 2 Families. While I believe we have found this Link, I have still not received Confirmation from either Joyce, Ken or Gerry. I shall leave the previous Thomas and Humphrey Pages as they were for the time being.
The Combined Harringworth/Barrowden Stanger Family has been added after receiving Information ad detailed above in November 2012.
AND, now in October 2013, following Months of Research and Work by Joyce [Pickering] Trousdale and Ken Stanger, with recent Assistance from two new Members of the Stanger Clan,
Maureen [Duggan] Stanger and Sheila [Watson] Barta, the combined Stanger Pages have again been updated, with additional Families added [see Foot of Page],
and, now, in May 2015, following another Blizzard of e-Mails back and forth from the Stanger Family Researchers, the Stanger Tree has again been updated.

          They commence with the Family of Thomas Stanger, the Family of one of my Paternal Great-Great-Grandmothers. Thomas was born in 1638 in Harringworth, Northamptonshire.

The Thomas Stanger Family has been updated after receiving Information from Antonia [Stanger] Hart in October 2010.
and as a result of Research by Lisa Nap in 2008 and more in November 2010, the Thomas Stanger Family has been again updated in July 2011;
and, again in January 2012, along with the Nathan Hurst Family [below] following more Information from Helen [Haines] Bones.
Now, in September, 2012, following more Work by Joyce [Pickering] Trousdale and Ken Stanger, we have again updated the Thomas Stanger WebPages.

          Belatedly, in September 2011, the Family of Nathan Hurst has been added. Nathan's Grand-Daughter, Mary, married into the Family of Thomas Stanger in 1844.
          AND, even more belatedly, in December 2011, the Family of George Yorke has been added. George's Grand-Daughter Rebecca married into the Stanger Family; and his other Grand-Daughter, Ann married Robert Clark, a Family for whom we are still awaiting further Information. The Yorke Family also link with the Cautherley Family, who are a part of the Blanchard Family.

         AND, in May, 2018, even more belatedly, the Family of Wilfred Pickering has been added. Wilfred married into the Stanger Family when he married Mary Jane Stanger in 1870 in Seaton, Rutland. Joyce [Pickering] Trousdale has been one of the Stalwarts of Stanger Research, and her Pickering/Trousdale Family should have been added long before this. I apologize for the Oversight. [Howard Smith, May 06, 2018]

          In September 2009, Sandra Boudrou has shared with us her findings on the Family of Richard Dent. Richard probably came from Haugham in Lincolnshire; but moved his Family to Maltby Le Marsh [also in Lincs.] where they appear to have lived for the next few Generations.
The Dent Family has been added to the WebSite on December the 2nd, 2009.

           Ken Stanger, in Yandina, in Queensland, in the Land of OZ helped greatly with the early compilation of this Stanger Family; and may have more Information. Ken, however, is not part of the Thomas Stanger Family.
          Ken's Stangers, the Family of Humphrey Stanger, born about 1658, originated in Barrowden, in Rutland, only a few Miles from where the Thomas Stanger Family had their Origins in Harringworth, in Northamptonshire. We are still seeking a link between the two Families.
The Humphrey Stanger Family has been updated in February 2012 after receiving Information from Brian Roy Johnstone.
and, again in May 2012 following further Information from Joyce [Pickering] Trousdale
Now, in September, 2012, following more Work by Joyce [Pickering] Trousdale and Ken Stanger, we have again updated the Humphrey Stanger WebPages.

          The Family of George William Wade, who married into the Humphrey Stanger Family in 17945 in Barrowden.
The Wade Family has been added on November the 28th, 2009.

          NOW, in November, 2009, Keith Martin, of Preston in Lancs., while researching his own Stanger Family Connections has assembled a further Stanger Family. This Family, who lived in Castor in Cambridgeshire had as its Patriach, John Stanger, circa 1710. This John may be the eldest Son of John Stanger and Elizabeth Oliver who are a part of the Humphrey Stanger Family. He was born about 1714 in Barrowden. To see the Family of John and Elizabeth, click here.
The Stanger of Castor Family has been added on May the 31st, 2010.
Now, in September, 2012, following more Work by Joyce [Pickering] Trousdale and Ken Stanger, we have again updated the Thomas Stanger WebPages.

AND, in September, 2012, following a lot of Work put in by Joyce [Pickering] Trousdale and Ken Stanger, we have another small Group of Stanger Family from Exton and later Kings Cliffe in Rutland. They start with William Stanger, c. 1761 and his Wife, Alice Stevens from Exton.
The Stanger of Exton Family has been added on September the 26th, 2012 .

     AGAIN, in March 2018, following more Work by Joyce [Pickering] Trousdale and Ken Stanger, we have another small 'Orphan' Group of Stangers, the Family of Charles Stanger and his Wife, Mary Wringham, circa 1715, or thereabouts, who probably originated in or near Baston in Lincolnshire and, over Time, migrated to Spalding, also on Lincs.
The Stanger of Exton Family has been added on September the 26th, 2012 .

As of October/November 2006, we have received Information on the Stubbs Family, circa 1730, who probably originated in the same Area of Northamptonshire as Humphrey Stanger's Family.

         About the same time, November 2006, Chloris Mary [nTombi] Peck has established the Link between her South African Stanger Family and Thomas Stanger's Family. She has also provided Information on the Tainton Family and the Weir Family, both Families being prominent in the early History of the Eastern Cape in the Colony of South Africa.
Now, with the Birth of the latest Member of the Tainton [Dees, actually] Family in November 2013, the Tainton Family WebPages have again been updated.

         Now, in September 2011, Lesley Cains has sent Information on the Kincaid Family, who actually originate from a Marriage between Robert Row and Helena Wilhelmina Aspeling. The Kincaid Family married into the Tainton Family a number of times over the Families association with each other.
The Kincaid Family have been added to the WebSite on April 25, 2012.

         In September 2008, nTombi Peck sent a File from Pamela Dey with a File of Dey Ancestors. Apart from the Tainton Family the other Major Family in the Dey History is the Blackbeard Family who probably originated in London, England; and the Family of John Brooks, circa 1780, who progably originated somewhere around the Area of Mark, in Somerset. Included in the file was a large Collection of Commentaries by various Family Members and extracts from various Publications. Please click here to read this Collection.

         In December 2010, nTombi Peck sent another File with Information on the Family of Mary Gudrun Galeka Equatoria RAFFLE, who married Chesterfield de Lacey Grey Tainton in the Eastern Cape Province of the Colony of South Africa.

         In January 2007 Elizabeth Clemency [Lisa] Nap, who lives in Utrecht in the Netherlands sent Information on the Stanger Family in Kent commencing with John Stanger and Susannah Turner. Lisa also maintains a Family History WebSite. To view Lisa's WebSite, click here.

         Now, in April 2008, Mark Ward has sent a large File including the Family of Thomas Stanger and related Families. From this File we have added almost 3000 new People to our Database, including a substantial number of Individuals within the Thomas Stanger Family. Most of the new People lived in the Area of Kent, Sussex, Essex or Lincolnshire. This Information has also provided Information on many Families who provide Ancestors to members of this Family, including the following Families:-
            The Family of Thomas Adams, born abt. 1791 in Petersfield, Hampshire [England].
            The Family of John Bartholomew, circa 1800 from Theddlethorpe, Lincolnshire [England].
            The Family of Thomas Best, born 1781, probably from Carham in Northumberland [England].
            The Family of Robert Bottle, born 1622, probably in Harrietsham in Kent [England].
            The Family of George Burchett, born 1780, from Chilham, Kent, England.
            The Family of William Clinch, born in Stockbury Kent, in 1678.
            The Family of Richard Cracknell, circa 1720, probably from Enfield in Middlesex [England].
            The Family of John Crow, circa 1740, probably from Skendlebury, Linconshire [England].
            The Family of John Dadson, circa 1800, probably from Kent near Tonbridge.
            The Family of John Dare, 1821-1871, who was born in Offwell, Devon, England.
            The Family of James Earl, circa 1820, who was born in Stelling, Kent, England.
            The Family of John Featherstone, 1638-1706, who came from Birling, Kent, England.
            The Family of Gabriel Finch, 1771-1855, born, Sundridge, Kent, England.
                        Gabriel's Family appear fully in the John Featherstone Pages.
            The Family of John Francis, 1714-1812, probably from Tonbridge, Kent, England.
            The Family of Richard Fry, born in 1812 in Rotherfield, Sussex, England.
            The Family of Thomas Gravat, 1650-1708, probably born in Godstone, Kent, England.
            The Family of Joseph Johnson, circa 1830, probably from South Kyme in Lincolnshire. [England]
            The Family of Thomas Odd, born 1801 in Kent, England, probably from the Area around Otford.
            The Family of William Page, born 1775 in Rivenhall, Essex, England.
            The Family of William Relf, circa 1499, from somewhere in Kent, England.
            The Family of James Rumney, circa 1770, probably from the Medway Area of Kent. The Rumney Family migrated to Illinois, USA.
            The Sales Family, circa 1730, who probably originated in East Sussex; but who later settled around Speldhurst in Kent [England].
            The Family of Josiah Smith, born abt1828 in Willingham, Cambridgeshire, England.
As a result of Research by Lisa Nap in 2008 and more in November 2010, the Josiah Smith Family have been updated in July 2011 .
            The Family of Henry Thunder, 1682-1720, whose Origins are unknown; but probably Ireland.
            The Family of George Turkentine, 1830-1899, from the Lexden District in Essex, England.
            The Family of Thomas Ward, 1744-1786, born in Knockholt, Kent, England.
            The Family of John Wells, born abt 1660, probably in Tonbridge, Kent, England.
            The Family of Henry West, born about 1805 in Deal, Kent, England.
            The Family of James Wood, 1804-1870, from Maidstone, Kent, England.

Both sets of Stanger Family Pages, Stubbs, Stainton and Weir Pages have been added or updated in November 2006..

and the Thomas Stanger Pages again in January, 2007.
The Tainton and Weir Families have been updated, February 12th, 2007; and again in June 2008.
Now, in May/June 2008, the Family of Thomas Stanger has been updated and all the Families in the Block above commencing with Thomas Adams have been added.

         Associated with Smith and Stanger Families is the Family of Phillip Blanched, later Blanchard. Phillip was born around 1700; and came from London, probably the area around Westminster. The Blanchards married into the Cautherley Family from Richmond in Surrey.
The Blanched Family has been updated on February the 23rd, 2007.

       Also associated with the Smiths and Stangers was the Family of John Cole, born about 1780; and came from March, in Cambridgeshire.
The Cole Family has been updated on February the 24th, 2007.

      NOW, in October 2013, following many additions to the Stanger Family Tree, the following Families are being added to the WebSite:
           The Family of John Benson and Sarah Davenport, both born about 1833, probably from or near Leicester. Their Family merge into the Stanger Family after about 4-5 Generations.
           The Family of Hugh Ebenezer Hawthorne and Mary Anne Dillon [only 3 Generations] who eventually marry into the Stanger Family.
           The Family of Captain Benjamin Robert Claydon and Anne Kitchen, who once more are a Family on the Periphery of the Stanger Family.

     AND, on November the 24th, 2013, following the receipt of a large File of Family History from Maureen [Duggan] Stanger, we can add,
           The Family of John Spencer, circa 1400 from somewhere in Devon. The Spencer Family become the Jennens Family within a few Generations, and
           The Family of John Ethridge [who become the Edridge Family], from the Area around Stroud and Stonehouse in Gloucestershire.

     AND, in February, 2014, following more Research by Ken Stanger, Joyce [Pickering] Trousdale, and Elizabeth Lee [Oldham] Pugh, amongst others, the Family of Charles Hursthouse has been added to our WebSite.

     AGAIN, in March 2017, following a great Deal of Research by Jane Elizabeth Marshall, Phd., we add the Family of Edward Pollard, born circa 1620, probably in the Area around Rearsby in Leicestershire. The Pollard Family have a minor Link to the Stangers.

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