Abolition of Slave Trade   200 years ago in March 1807 [the Act was passed by Parliament on March the 25th] after existing over 245 years William Wilberforce MP, Granville Sharp, the Quakers, Christians of all denominations including Rev Abraham Booth of London's oldest Baptist Church, Goodman's Fields at last saw this terrible transatlantic trade abolished.  This was a massive achievement and in UK a Wilberforce postage stamp is being issued; a film is being produced called “Amazing Grace” about John Newton and Wilberforce, together with an Africa celebration in Trafalgar Square etc., Wilberforce and his colleagues mainly from middle and upper class Britain campaigned for 20 years against massive public opinion which at the time was either indifferent to the slave trade brutality or ignorant of it or making money out of it.   Eventually the Act was passed. Remember today that thousands suffer hidden slavery in various forms especially in the 3rd world so the campaign is being continued by such organisations as Tear Fund, Barnabas Fund etc to see justice come to the oppressed.

“perhaps something on these lines could be placed in relevant town and church newsletter/sheets, local magazines etc., to remind friends, folk, how this terrible injustice was overcome by Christian men and women by prayer, issuing pamphlets, collecting signatures etc., and sheer hard work”

Ron Granger

Carshalton UK

Please Note, the Background to this Page is the Frontispiece of one of Abraham's Sermons against the Slave Trade.