The Descendants of William DE LEIGH circa 1220, probably from Bere Ferrers, Devon, England.

Name List

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  Louise [84766]S
  Andrea [51974]C
  Bradley [51973]C
  Dean [51975]C
  Jake [84793]C
  John David [51972]S born 1940, Melbourne VIC Australia died 07 Dec 1994, Melbourne VIC Australia bur. 16 Dec 1994, Springvale Crematorium Melbourne VIC Australia
  Kaitlin [84792]C
  Kayden John Lee [84795]C
  Monique Angel Lee [84796]C
  Shaylah Ann-Maree [84798]C
  Talisha May [84797]C
  Achilles [84730]S
  Eliza Elizabeth [84640]S born 1872, Madurang Colony of Victoria died 27 Feb 1946, Bairnsdale VIC Australia bur. 28 Feb 1946, Bairnsdale Cemetery VIC Australia
  William [84641]P
  Arthur George [84670]S born 16 Apr 1899 died 23 May 1974, Bairnsdale VIC Australia bur. 25 May 1974, Bairnsdale Cemetery VIC Australia
  Barry [84675]C
  Eliza Gertrude [87455]S
  Isobel [84673]C
  Jennifer [84753]C
  Kerry [84752]C
  Trevor [84676]C
  William [84671]P
  Ambrose [86334]S born 11 Apr 1819, St Veep Cornwall England died After 1861
  Elizabeth [105]S
  Sara [110]P born 1680, St Keverne Cornwall England bapt. 30 May 1680
  Thomas [38061]S born Ruan Minor Cornwall England
  Unknown [39925]C born 1935, Tallangatta VIC Australia died 1935, Tallangatta VIC Australia
  Adrian [40071]C born 06 Dec 985
  Aileen Margaret [39926]C born 21 Oct 1937, Wangaratta VIC Australia
  Aubrey [39924]C born 1934, Wangaratta VIC Australia died 1934, Wangaratta VIC Australia
  Bernard [40064]C born 17 Jul 1952
  Bridget Mary [39916]C born 15 Sep 1909, Wagga Wagga NSW Australia died 14 Apr 1992, Chiltern VIC Australia bur. Chiltern VIC Australia
  Charrie Mary [39944]C born 02 May 1975
  Daryn [39941]C born 15 May 1969
  Eileen [39973]C born 07 Apr 1936
  Geoffrey Samuel John [39927]C born 07 Aug 1940, Tallangatta VIC Australia
  Jacquelyn [39976]C born 02 Mar 1972
  James [39917]C born 07 Jan 1912, Wagga Wagga NSW Australia died 09 Sep 1999, Mooroopna VIC Australia bur. Mooroopna VIC Australia
  James Peter [40032]C born 15 Dec 1948, Cobden VIC Australia
  Janice [39974]C born 26 Oct 1942, Wangaratta VIC Australia
  Joan Margaret [40028]C born 06 Apr 1936
  Jody [40045]C born 17 Oct 1967
  John [39911]S born 26 Apr 1880, Glenelg Adelaide Colony of South Australia died 27 Oct 1967, Chiltern VIC Australia bur. Oct 1967, Chiltern VIC Australia
  John [39915]C born 20 Apr 1907, Wagga Wagga NSW Australia died 29 Jun 1934, Melbourne VIC Australia
  John [39972]C born 24 Jan 1934, Wangaratta VIC Australia
  John Francis [40066]C born 11 Oct 1955
  Kate [40035]P
  Kate [40070]C born 09 Jul 1982
  Kathleen Margaret [39919]C born 08 Dec 1917, Albury NSW Australia died 20 Aug 1918, Shepparton VIC Australia
  Kathleen Mary [40031]C born 23 Oct 1946, Cobden VIC Australia
  Kathryn [39928]C born 13 Sep 1945, Albury NSW Australia
  Kevin James [40030]C born 1943 died 1944, Cobden VIC Australia bur. Cobden VIC Australia
  Leonard [40062]C born 21 Aug 1923 died 1958, South Australia
  Liam Gregory [40076]C born 03 May 1991
  Michael [39912]P
  Michael [39914]C born 19 Feb 1905, Tallangatta VIC Australia died 26 May 1966, Wodonga VIC Australia
  Michael [39940]C born 29 Jul 1963
  Michelle Janice [39943]C born 23 Jan 1974
  Patrick [40073]C born 02 Feb 1979
  Paul [39977]C born 03 May 1973
  Richard Joseph [39920]C born 28 Mar 1920, Shepparton VIC Australia died 19 Jan 1922, Shepparton VIC Australia
  Robin Allan [39929]C born 11 Sep 1947, Albury NSW Australia died 22 Mar 1999, Geelong VIC Australia
  Robin Allan [39947]C born 05 May 1982
  Roger Michael [40029]C born 1940 died 1942, Cobden VIC Australia bur. Cobden VIC Australia
  Sharmaine Elizabeth [39945]C born 26 Jul 1977
  Steven Michael [39946]C born 29 Jan 1979
  Veronica [40065]C born 27 Feb 1954
  Vincent Gerald [40067]C born 27 Feb 1957 died 14 Apr 1994
  William [39918]C born 31 Mar 1915, Wagga Wagga NSW Australia died 21 Sep 1915, Wagga Wagga NSW Australia
  Kevin [84722]S
  John [40089]S
  Joan [84751]S
  Margaret [86350]S born 27 Jul 1701, Gunwalloe Cornwall England
  Isabelle [1979]S born 1893, St Columb Major Cornwall England died 05 Apr 1967 bur. Crantock
  Elizabeth Penrose [117]S born 1806, Hayle Cornwall England bapt. 01 Dec 1806, Phillack Cornwall England died 05 Nov 1884
  James [40081]P
  Martha [514]S bur. 1686, Mullion Cornwall England
  Harvey [84775]S
  Maria [39989]S
  Elizabeth [86922]P,P born Cir 1780 died After 1841

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