The Descendants of Samuel Ketley, b. 1780 & Elizabeth Moss.


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33. DAVEY [21139] (William John DAVEY15, Alice Sarah KITLEY8, James Henry2, Samuel1) died in Oct 2005.

DAVEY married someone.

Her child was:

   51    i. Laurette [21176] .

Laurette married Philip MACWHIRTER [21177].

38. Charles Arthur Ernest HOWARD [3633] (Ernest Augustus HOWARD26, Matilda SIBLEY10, Hannah KETLEY5, Samuel1) was born on Jun 29, 1891 in Adelaide Street Brisbane Q'land Australia, died on Sep 1, 1964 in Banyo Brisbane Q'land Australia at age 73, and was buried on Sep 4, 1964 in Mount Thompson Crematorium Mount Gavatt Brisbane QLD Australia.

Charles married Florence Ethel JOHNSON [3637] on May 4, 1929. Florence was born on Feb 25, 1893 in Walworth Surrey England, died on Jun 11, 1985 in Gold Coast Hospital, Southport, Q'land, Australia at age 92, and was buried on Jun 13, 1985 in Mount Albert Auckland New Zealand.

The child from this marriage was:

   52    i. Valmai Shirley HOWARD [3638] was born on Sep 30, 1931 in Norman Park, Brisbane, Q'land, Australia and died on Dec 2, 2013 in Robina QLD Australia at age 82. The cause of her death was Cancers throughout the Body.

Valmai married Kieth George AVERY [3929]. Kieth was born about 192.

39. Stanley Lyster HOWARD [3634] (Ernest Augustus HOWARD26, Matilda SIBLEY10, Hannah KETLEY5, Samuel1) was born on Sep 30, 1894 in Darragh St Kangaroo Point Brisbane Queensland Australia, died on Jul 16, 1961 in ? at age 66, and was buried on Jul 18, 1961 in Mount Albert Auckland New Zealand.

Stanley married Althea Beatrice PERRY [3639] on Aug 13, 1920 in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Q'land, Australia. The marriage ended in divorce. Althea was born on Aug 20, 1902 in Charters Towers QLD Australia, died in Brisbane QLD Australia, and was buried in Mount Albert Auckland New Zealand.

Children from this marriage were:

   53    i. Mavis Alstan HOWARD [3640] was born on Oct 29, 1921 in Highgage Hill Brisbane QLD Australia.

Mavis married Robert FILES [3643] on Mar 11, 1944 in Annerley Brisbane QLD Australia. The marriage ended in divorce. Robert was born about 191.

Mavis next married Joseph Gordon KINGSTON [3644]. Joseph was born on Nov 14, 1916 and died on Sep 1, 1987 at age 70.

+ 54    ii. Veronica Francis Alstan HOWARD [3641] was born on Nov 15, 1924 in Higate Hill, Brisbane, Q'land, Australia.

   55    iii. Shirley Alstan HOWARD [3642] was born on Feb 14, 1932 and died about 1933 aged about 1.

Stanley next married Minnie Long WILSON [4374].

41. Lucy Susan Doris HOWARD [3510] (Ernest Augustus HOWARD26, Matilda SIBLEY10, Hannah KETLEY5, Samuel1) was born on Jan 8, 1902 in Grahame St South Brisbane QLD Australia, died on Dec 22, 1986 in Western Suburbs Hospital Croydon NSW Australia at age 84, and was buried in Ashes in care of her Family.

Lucy married Arthur John Ulph SMITH [3511], son of Arthur Ulph SMITH [3524] and Edith Mary WARD [3525], on Dec 20, 1924 in St Andrews C.Of E., South Brisbane, Qld. Arthur was born on Feb 22, 1896 in Beach Villa Beeston Nottingham Nottinghamshire England, died on Jun 2, 1967 in Mater Hospital South Brisbane Queensland Australia at age 71, and was buried on Jun 5, 1967 in Albany Creek Crematoriam Brisbane Queensland Australia.

General Notes: Ashes are in Single Niche No. A35 of the War Service Memorial, Albany Creek, Brisbane, QLD. Reference is A2673TD. Rev. E. A. BRADLEY, Rector, St.James, Enoggera Rd. Newmarket. ...
See Notes under Margaret Currie (Ulph-Smith) for details of "Jack's" early childhood. Jack attended King Edward VII College, Sheffield. Following that he worked as a Junior Clerk at Hadfields Steel Foundry in Sheffield during the latter half of 1911. Following that it is believed he was employed as an Apprentice Fitter (possibly for the same Company) until 1914. When he was just over 17 years old, on March 19, 1914, he left England for Australia on the P.& O. 11,000 ton T.S.S.BELTANA. On arrival in Australia he apparently made his way to the Northern Rivers of N.S.W. where he worked for a time "on the Roads". He subsequently trained as and was employed as a Herd-tester, testing Dairy Herds for Milk and Cream quality. On August 20, 1915 he enlisted from Brisbane in the 47th Battalion, Australian Imperial Forces AIF A photograph of Jack taken sometime during WWI states he was in the 13/15th Rifles. Who or what that Battalion was is at present unknown. Following Service in Egypt and France, he was discharged, as a Corporal, Medically unfit, as a result of "Trench Feet" acquired in the Trenches of France. On his return to Australia, he was given a Government Land Grant, which proved to be an un-workable swamp. He abandoned this; and was employed for a time in various Government Driving jobs in Brisbane. He was subsequently employed as a Sales Representative in the Printing Industry. During the course of his employment with the Howard Printing Works, at Graham St., South Brisbane he married "the Daughter of the Boss", Lucy Howard. He later worked for Simpson Halligan & Co., in the same capacity, where he was employed for a total of about 21 years. From late 1946 he was the Proprietor of both a Boarding House, and a General Store at Southport, South of Brisbane. Neither of these were exceptionally successful and he returned to Brisbane again as a Printer's Rep- resentative with Watson Ferguson. In 1949 he again left Brisbane, purchasing a Pineapple Farm at Montville, on the Ranges to the North of Brisbane. After about 8 years he returned to Brisbane to again work for Simpson Halligan as a Printer's Rep During this time, as a result of being a constant heavy Smoker, aggravated (probably) by the use of Pesticides and Weedicides on the Farm he was constantly ill, suffering from a form of Anaemia and Emphysema. When they were married, Jack and "Luce" made their (New) Home at Sandgate Road, Nundah, at the top of "Buck's Hill". They lived here until they bought the Boarding House, "Rowallen", The Esplanade, Southport. From there they purchased the "Tropical Cafe", Brighton Parade, Southport. From Southport they returned to Brisbane to live at Oxlade Drive, New Farm. They then moved to the "Farm" at Flaxton Road, Montville. Following their final return to Brisbane they lived firstly at 46 Speight Street, Brighton; and finally at 52 Lovegrove Street, Zillmere. ... "Jack" was always a genuine "Gentleman". He was completely honest and above-board; and always had the respect of his associates. He was always willing to carry a part of the load of whatever Social Activity in which he was involved. He was firstly Secretary of his Football Club, "Brisbane City" about the mid 20's. He was subsequently Secretary of Robert McGavin Masonic Lodge, Vulture St., South Brisbane, of which he was a member for many years also serving as Worpshipful Master. He was also a member of the Grand Lodge (Masonic) of Queensland where he served as Sword Bearer. As a result of changing fortune (the financial difficulty of running a Pineapple Farm) he retired from his association with the Masonic lodge, although he was well enough thought of for the Members to offer to defer his fees. During the 1939-45 War he tried to enlist; but was rejected due to his age and prior disability. However, he did serve with the Auxilliary Fire Service, mostly practising hosing "the bush" around Nundah; and "pumping out" the odd Air Raid Shelter. During his time as a Pineapple Farmer he was active with the Montville Pineapple Farmers Association; and the Committee of Direction of Fruit Marketing. As well as being the "Gentleman" mentioned above, he was kind and tolerant and a loving Father and Grand-father. ...
H.U.Smith. January 1988.

In a Letter, dated November 17, 1938, Janet Clara Stanger-Smith wrote to A.J.U.Smith after a long period of no contact, part of which said:
"I should have known a lot more about you, how the first arrangements materialized for you and not Harold to live with the March Grandpapa [John Stanger Smith and Emma Ulph]. I wish I knew where Harold is - does anybody know? It seems so sad to have lost sight of him so completely. I don't even know if he came through the War all right. Did you see him at all during the War? Poor Harold, he had a rather bad Legacy of nerves. His health much improved in March [The Township or Village] with the open air live. Alas! he lacked strength of will & I always think that was due to Minnie's drastic treatment at Beeston. As soon as I went for a short time to keep house there, I got rid of her - her influence was not good.
You were then such a jolly little boy. I was loth to part with you when Sheffield [the Chesterman Family?] claimed you; but it had to be & you had more opportunities than ever March would have furnished."

Noted events in his life were:

Census: at 7 Clarkehouse Road, a Boarder. At that Time he would have been a Student a King Edward VII School about 100 Yards 'down the Road'., 1911, Sheffield Yorkshire England.

The child from this marriage was:

+ 56    i. Howard Ulph SMITH [3509] was born on Jan 19, 1932 in Wattlebrae Hospital Kalinga Brisbane Queensland Australia.

42. Myrtle Elsie Maud HOWARD [3636] (Ernest Augustus HOWARD26, Matilda SIBLEY10, Hannah KETLEY5, Samuel1) was born on Jul 6, 1906 in Grahame St South Brisbane QLD Australia, died on Nov 4, 1954 in Brisbane Eye Hospital [her Employment] at age 48, and was buried on Nov 8, 1954 in Mount Thompson Crematorium Mount Gavatt Brisbane QLD Australia.

Myrtle married Henry McCaskill EYRE [4228], son of William Robert EYRE [4230] and Christina McCASKILL [4231], on May 19, 1940 in Brisbane QLD Australia. The marriage ended in divorce. Henry was born on May 31, 1904, died on Aug 3, 1973 in Sydney NSW Australia at age 69, and was buried on Aug 6, 1973 in Northern Suburbs Cemetery Sydney NSW Australia. Another name for Henry was Harry or Mike.

Children from this marriage were:

   57    i. Christine Jane EYRE [3674] was born on Jan 18, 1941.

Christine married Alan HOLMES [3675].

   58    ii. Cecily Gaye EYRE [3676] . The cause of her death was Infant Death.

44. Frederick Charles KATTE [3692] (Maude Ethel HOWARD30, Matilda SIBLEY10, Hannah KETLEY5, Samuel1) was born on May 12, 1900 and died on May 12, 1979 at age 79.

Frederick married Margaret BELL [3693]. Margaret was born on May 22, 1901.

The child from this marriage was:

   59    i. Elaine Beverley KATTE [3694] was born on Aug 2, 1939.

Elaine married Bruce PRIMROSE [3695]. The marriage ended in divorce. Bruce was born on Apr 23, 1936.

46. Bertie Ashton MURPHY [3698] (Mabel Hannah HOWARD31, Matilda SIBLEY10, Hannah KETLEY5, Samuel1) was born on Feb 22, 1903.

Bertie married Mary SHACKLEFORD [3699].

Children from this marriage were:

+ 60    i. Judith MURPHY [3700] .

+ 61    ii. Lois MURPHY [3705] .

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