The Descendants of Lyderic de Buc, born 600 in Flanders, died 692.


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1. Comte Lyderic de BUC de Harelbeke & Forester of Flanders [119332], son of Comte Salvert de MEROVINGIA de Dijon [123149] and Ermingarde de ROUSSILLON [123150], was born circa 620 in Flanders Belgium, died in 676 in Flanders Belgium about age 56, and was buried in 676 in Aire-sur-la-Lys Pas-de-Calais Hauts-de-France France.

General Notes: In a Document received from Patrick de Meulemeester in March 2021, he included the following:
Lyderic de Buc was appointed the First Grand Forester and Governor of Flanders by Dagobert I King of the Franks in 621.
He was allied by marriage in the House of Merouée or France because Rithilda was the daughter of Clothaire, 2nd Roy of France and Sichinde or Sichilde Reine de France.

A little history....Saluart or Salvaert, Lyderic de Buc's father tried to travel to England with his wife and son and unfortunately he was murdered by Phinart le Tiran and his wife Eringarde de Roussillon had time to hide his son Lyderic in a hedge before being herself captured and imprisoned by Phinart.
Lyderic was discovered by a hermit who adopted him and raised him.
Arriving at the age of 18 and after learning what happened to his father, Lyderic provoked Phinart into a duel and Phinart was killed by Lyderic.

Lyderic then built a fortress on an island located in the arms of the Deule and gradually this island turned into a village and then a city to become LILLE.

Lyderic of Buc married Jeanne Archilde of NEUSTRIE, daughter of Clothaire II the Younger of Neustria, King of the Franks and Queen Bertrude of Burgundy.

Lyderic married Gratienne [123145]. Marriage status: status unknown.

The child from this marriage was:

   2    i. Neavalon [123146] .

Lyderic next married Princess Richilda de MEROVINGIA [119333]. Richilda was born circa 608 and died in Aire Ardennes Champagne-Ardenne France.

General Notes: Princess Richilda was the Sister of Dagobert I, King of the Franks.

Children from this marriage were:

   3    i. Isoran de BUC [119336] .

General Notes: Isoran was beheaded on the Orders of his Father.

   4    ii. Antoine de FLANDRES [119337] .

General Notes: Antoine succeeded his Father in the government of Flanders.

Lyderic next married Ydonie [123147]. Another name for Ydonie is Inge.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 5    i. Prince Bouchard de FLANDRES of Louain & Forester of Flanders [119330] was born circa 650 in Flanders Belgium and died circa 690 in Flanders Belgium about age 40.

   6    ii. Comte Baudouin de SOMME NOBLE (AMIENS) de Amiens [119338] .

   7    iii. Seigneur Lionel de BUC of Vermandois [119340] .

   8    iv. Lord Alianne de BUC d'Arras [119339] was born circa 655.

   9    v. Seigneur Gallerand de BUC de Nygelle [119341] .

   10    vi. Seigneur Maurius de BUC de Lille [119343] .

   11    vii. Seigneur Saledon de BUC de Saint-Omer [119345] .

   12    viii. Seigneur Manifred de BUC d'Aire [119342] .

   13    ix. Seigneur Gaudire de BUC de Douai [119344] .

   14    x. Seigneur Godefroy de BUC de Gand [119346] .

   15    xi. Comte Childeric de BUC de Thérouanne [123148] was born in 660 and died in 692 at age 32.

   16    xii. Seigneur Ganimedes de BUC de Bruges [119347] .

   17    xiii. Comte Baudiamer de BUC de Harlebecque [119348] .

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