The Descendants of Humphrey Stanger, circa 1570, from Harringworth in Northampsonshire, England.

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Key: S=as a Spouse, C=as a Child, P=as a Parent






(No surname)
  Abigail [94761]P
  Agnes [104912]S,S born Cir 1860, Whitstable Kent England died Dec 1946, Oldbury Worcestershire England
  Agnes [43275]P
  Alice [102805]P born Cir 1868, Burden Essex England
  Alice [41841]S
  Alice [96897]S,S
  Allie [41618]S born Abt 1851
  Amelia [52943]P
  Andrea [97287]S
  Ann [100737]P born Cir 1797, Stamford Lincolnshire England
  Ann [103731]P
  Ann [105302]P
  Ann [113277]P born Cir 1833, Nassington Northamptonshire England
  Ann [41470]P
  Ann [41587]S,S born Abt 1814, Norfolk England died 1845 bur. 5 Sep 1845, Walsoken Norfolk England
  Ann [41696]S,S born Abt 1832, Gretton Northamptonshire England
  Ann [42019]P
  Ann [44925]S
  Ann [97727]P born Cir 1781, East Kirkby Lincolnshire England
  Ann [98035]S,S
  Ann J [102938]S,S born Cir 1862, Wells Somerset England
  Anna [52790]P
  Annie [88146]P
  Arthur [97484]S,S
  Barry [22585]P
  Bessie [44955]S
  Catherine [113243]P
  Catherine [96384]S
  Celina [17253]S,S
  Charlotte [113251]P born Cir 1803, Ryhall Rutland England died After 1871
  Charlotte [96661]S,S
  Cynthia [43302]S
  Davina [97278]S,S
  Donald [43458]S
  Donna Joanne [101723]S,S
  Dorothy [96347]S,S
  Eleanor [52910]P born Abt 1819, Smarden Kent England
  Eliza [52881]P born Abt 1808, Dymchurch Kent England
  Eliza [52887]P born Abt 1822, Calstock Cornwall England
  Eliza [52962]P
  Eliza [97624]P born Cir 1835, Leicester Leicestershire England
  Elizabeth [105279]P
  Elizabeth [107851]P
  Elizabeth [41487]S born Abt 1825, Boothby Pagnell Lincolnshire England died 1899
  Elizabeth [41742]P
  Elizabeth [42603]P
  Elizabeth [52856]P born Abt 1832, Birmingham Warwickshire England
  Elizabeth [53042]P born Abt 1833, Burnham on Crouch Essex England
  Elizabeth Mary [27080]S,S
  Ella [53050]P born Abt 1860, Maidstone Kent England
  Emily [97510]P born Cir 1826, Whitchurch Buckinghamshire England
  Emma [41654]S,S born 1837, Nottingham Nottinghamshire England died 1908, Belper Derbyshire England
  Ethel [96387]S,S born 1903, Walthamstow Essex England died 1988, Leicester Leicestershire England
  Fanny [52808]S,S born Abt 1836, Canterbury Kent England
  Flora [97336]P
  Florence [100946]P
  Freda [96418]S
  Gertrude [97685]S,S
  Grace [97976]P
  Hannah [41783]P
  Harriet [96900]S,S
  Helen [42141]S,S
  Ingrid [43448]S
  Ivy Edna [96409]S
  Jane [53062]P born Abt 1829, Elsworth Cambridgeshire England
  Jane [92116]P
  Janet [105068]S,S
  Janine [88174]S,S
  Jean [42085]S
  Jean [97371]S,S born 1938
  Jenny [43313]S
  Johanna [43237]P
  Judy Clare [100871]S
  Letty [41669]S
  Lin [97445]S,S
  Lorraine [105078]S,S
  Louisa [52852]P born Abt 1841, Maidstone Kent England
  Maggie [96357]S,S died 1990
  Marcy [92124]P
  Margaret [92118]P
  Margaret [97549]S,S born Abt 1864, Market Harborough Leicestershire England
  Maria E [53034]P born Abt 1859, Stantonbury Buckinghamshire England
  Marion [113460]S,S born 2 Sep 1922 died 16 Apr 2008
  Martha [52757]P
  Mary [105308]P born Cir 1830, Haxby Yorkshire England
  Mary [105339]P
  Mary [113260]P
  Mary [113425]P
  Mary [25584]S,S born 1662 died 23 Aug 1716, Barrowden Rutland England
  Mary [42033]P
  Mary Ann [101592]P born Cir 1828, East Bridgford Nottinghamshire England
  Mary Ann [44928]S,S born Abt 1814, Nonington Kent England
  Mary Ann [44931]S,S born Abt 1819, Ewell Surrey England died Dec 1877, Dover Kent England
  Mary Ann [97089]S,S born 1883, Gretton Northamptonshire England died 19 Apr 1951
  Myrna [43444]S,S
  Nina [98134]S,S
  Noelene [56375]S
  Olya [43479]S,S
  Pamela [97277]S,S
  Peggy [105052]S,S born Cir 1940
  Petra [53081]S,S
  Phyllis [56373]S
  Rosa [41952]S
  Rosa Elizabeth [52936]S born Abt 1871, Lewisham Kent England
  Sarah [43020]S,S
  Sarah [52884]P born Abt 1831, Aldington Kent England
  Sarah [97605]P born Cir 1864, Leicester Leicestershire England
  Sarah [97694]S,S born Abt 1807, Exton Rutland England
  Sarah [97739]P born Cir 1781
  Sarah E [52929]P born Abt 1806, Sittingbourne Kent England
  Sheila [105070]S,S
  Stella [45609]S
  Unknown [3858]S,S,P
  Unknown [43178]P

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