The Descendants of Richard HAVER circa 1520.


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332. Sir, Michael Robert Oldfield HAVERS [78] (Cecil Robert308, Daniel266, Charles207, Charles170, Charles139, Charles100, Erasmus67, Samuel36, Erasmus31, Robert22, William5, Richard1) was born on 10 Mar 1923 in Richmond Surrey England and died on 1 Apr 1992 in London England at age 69.

Noted events in his life were:

Occupation: Attorney General and Lord Chancellor.

Michael married Carol Elizabeth LAY [79] in 1949 in London England.

The child from this marriage was:

   342 M    i. Nigel A HAVERS [81] was born on 6 Nov 1949 in Edmonton London England.

336. Anthony Armitage BISHOP [3061] (Spencer Armitage George BISHOP311, Rev., Charles Edward BISHOP269, Frances HAVERS209, Charles170, Charles139, Charles100, Erasmus67, Samuel36, Erasmus31, Robert22, William5, Richard1) was born on 13 Mar 1931 in Melton Mowbray Leicestershire England.

General Notes: I was born in the War Memorial Hospital at Melton Mowbray on Friday 13th March 1931, and my Mother was soon diagnosed as having cancer of the gallbladder, and she was dead by August. It was a merciful release, because she had been out of her mind with pain for the last two months. Her body lies in Thorpe Rd Cemetery Melton Mowbray. After my Mother's death, a nurse looked after me for a while until my Aunt Clare (my father's youngest sister) came to keep house for us.
When I was considered old enough I had a governess (Miss Hodgetts). I took great joy in plaiting her hair, which reached nearly to her waist. One maid I remember well was Ella Plowman, the daughter of my father's patients at Asfordby, she and I were great pals. Two other pals were the 2 Sealyhams (dogs) Pogo & Trixi, whose portraits still hang in my son Philip's home. Pogo eventually went blind, we had to keep furniture in the same position or he would collide with it. When he was younger he always kept guard under my cot, you could only approach if he approved.
Later I was sent to the junior house at Oakham School, under a giant of a housemaster, Mr Milligan, he was 6ft 7". I can still remember my father coming to school to see me swim my first length of the school outdoor baths. It was at Oakham that I first heard bagpipes. What a glorious sound as the piper practised in the school playing field across the lane. I forget now why, but I was not very happy there, may be because I was disobedient & often got the cane! I tried another school Trent College at Long Eaton. To my Father's disappointment I was no sportsman except at Rugby, where I had to play in the same position my father held in Liverpool University team, hooker. I joined the Officer Training Corps, & enjoyed rifle shooting. Another pastime was naming trees. Trent College has over 400 different varieties of trees & shrubs. I got up to 250 names and then ran into trouble when there were only Latin names left! As today, I was fond of singing in the choir. I was fortunate to be at school with boys who had been head choristers in Kings College Cambridge, St Georges Windsor, St Paul's Cathedral London, & Chester Cathedral. What a choir! I sat the Oxford & Cambridge Certificate (the equivalent of the CSE), passing History Chemistry Physics Maths & Metal Work & amazed everyone by getting credits in both English Literature & Language, because I am still hopeless at spelling today.
When I left school I went as a farm pupil to Mr Charles Whalley at Top Farm Bearston Nr Market Drayton in Shropshire. This farm carried the large Verona pedigree Friesian dairy herd. When my Father retired I moved down to Altarnun near Launceston in Cornwall. There I looked after an Ayrshire dairy herd until they had to be sold due to the owner's bad health. This time I moved to Coswarth Farm just outside Newquay further west in Cornwall, a completely different farm with a lot of arable land with some cattle and a large flock of sheep. My last move was to join the Eustice family at Trethiggey Farm, also nr Newquay, which had mostly South Devon cattle. I well remember Ron Eustice, who was disabled, going in between two bulls who were fighting with a horse whip to part them, a thing I would not have dared to do, and yet none of them would go near a cow which had new born twins, except on a tractor. They were amazed when I went into the field, put one calf across my shoulders and drove the cow & other calf in with no trouble at all.
After this I decided to spread my wings, and volunteered to join the R A F. I had several bouts of tonsillitis, which culminated in Rheumatic fever, which meant a month in R.A.F. Hospital Ely, followed by several months on light duties before returning to square bashing. On completing this I studied Ground Radar as a mechanic. When I eventually mastered that, at the second attempt I was posted to RAF Trerew Nr Newquay, back in Cornwall. Whilst I was there I ran the coffee swindle, and went down to Trerew Farm for some milk, where I met Betty Pascoe who became my wife.
I finished my term in the forces and went to work for my brother in law at Trevornick nr Cubert, living in a rented cottage Nr Zelah. I was on the lookout for a farm of my own; presently a chance came up at Marazanvose, just the other side of Zelah. It was only 38 1/2 acres, and I tried a bit of everything, but eventually settled on Friesian cows, rearing what heifers I could. When my Landlord died I was offered the chance to buy the farm. My brother in law lent me cash and a few years later I sold that farm and bought a larger one at Hendra Nr Rose, between Cubert and Perranporth. Later I bought an adjoining farm bringing my acreage up to 145. I was able to rear all my heifers and grow corn to help feed them.
My sons Michael and Philip were both born whilst we were at Marazanvose. Michael did not want to follow me in farming; he worked at Ladbrokes holiday camp Nr Perranporth (now called Haven Holidays), and ran their fish and chip shop. So I decided to sell the farm and buy the Grantham Astor Hotel, a decision I have never regretted.
We moved in November 1972,and opened for Christmas. Michael went to Camborne catering college for that winter and I joined him until I had to return to see to bookings after Christmas. At that time only 4 bedrooms were en suite. We added 6 folding showers and opened again in April 1973, using Smiths Happiways coaches.(I had purchased the hotel from Smiths). The following winter we amalgamated the bar and ballroom to make the highland ballroom. We also had to dig a cellar, as during our first dinner function, I remember us rolling a barrel of beer through the dinning room. Michael and I dug the cellar BY HAND. It soon proved too small so was doubled in size. It has more recently been doubled yet again, to accommodate real ale. There have been constant improvements, including the purchase of the Gables next door, which was joined into the hotel. The first Christmas that those rooms were used, the guests had to be issued with umbrellas and walk around from one front door to the other as we not allowed to knock through in time.
The old Grantham Astor (once two properties) had 54 bedrooms. The number has varied up and down since, as en suite facilities have been provided, and ground floor rooms built. The constant policy of improvement continues, including skittle alleys and the complete rebuilding of the wing behind the Gables. We finally retired in 1987; to live in Perranporth where we still welcome friends we have made over the years.
I mentioned our Highland ballroom, which has surprised many guests. "Why Scotland in Cornwall?" I have heard many times. Well I have always been proud of my Scottish ancestry, and when I was married the second time to Eileen Lewis (a guest) it was in the Forbes kilt. I always wore it to run "party night". Philip and I both wear Forbes kilts on Christmas night in the hotel now. (Philip's is the dress tartan and mine is the day one.)

Are we entitled to wear them? Well that depends on your point of view. My grand mother was Henrietta Octavia Robinson, and her mother was Henrietta Cecilia Forbes, so the blood flows through the female line twice, but surely we live in an age of sex equality Ha! Ha! Quite apart from that, all families could not exist, but for the ladies.
My second wife Eileen, who contributed a lot to the early establishment of the Grantham Astor Hotel, and I live quietly at Perranporth about 7 miles west of Newquay. We both do a bit of charity work; I have a garden to tend, am involved in our local church and spend a lot of time tracing our roots! By the time I have finished, I hope there will not be much left to do to complete our story, but I recommend, family history to anyone in retirement. It is fascinating, but you need plenty of patience!

In an email from Anthony bishop, November 2002. ...

Anthony married Betty PASCOE [312], daughter of William James PASCOE [1971] and Annie Phillipa MITCHELL [1976], on 28 Oct 1953 in Crantock Church Cornwall England. Betty was born on 27 Nov 1925 in Newquay Cornwall England.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 343 M    i. Michael Armitage BISHOP [323] was born on 26 Jan 1955 in Redruth Hospital Cornwall England.

+ 344 M    ii. Philip John BISHOP [334] was born on 11 Dec 1964 in Redruth Cornwall England.

Anthony next married Eileen NORMAN [3368], daughter of Edward John NORMAN [16056] and Catherine SHEEHAN [16057], on 17 Nov 1980 in St Columb Minor Cornwall England. Eileen was born on 14 Jul 1921 in 5 Field St Landore Swansea West Glam Wales.

General Notes: In an eMail, dated November the 11th, 2009, Anthony Bishop provided "Memoirs" written by his Wife Eileen [Norman] Bishop, as follows:

Childhood Memoirs - Eileen Norman
My Father was Edward John Norman, one of seven Boys and two Girls, born to Eliza and Charles Norman, living at 2 Morfa Terrace, Landore, Swansea.
My earliest Memories are of the tiny House we live in, in Jockey Street, Swansea, with my Mother's Parents. Her Father, Michael Sheehan, had come over from a Farm near Cork in Ireland; but he died when I was only 3 Years old.
As a child it was always a special treat for me to be taken on a visit to my other Grandmother's Corner Shop near the Landore Cinema. She would allow me to stand behind the Counter and help her serve [the Customers]. Then she would teach me to count out the Change.
People would rush out of the Cinema during the interval, to buy sweets, chocolates, bottles of pop and 2p [tupenny] packets of 5 Woodbine Cigarettes! The open packets of cigarettes were kept in the same drawer as the money. I remember my hands smelling of Cigarettes! When I grew up I couldn't bear to smoke Cigarettes!
Aunty Fan, my Father's Sister, married to Uncle Peter Foley, kept house there and looked after her Parents all their lives. She had one Son, Edward and also looked after my Cousin Harold Norman whose Mother had unfortunately died young, and his Father, Uncle George.
I think lots of People will remember the picnics and charabanc trips, which Auntie Fan organized for youngsters in the neighbourhood. We went singing happily around the countryside.
The middle room behind the Shop contained two pianos where Aubrey, the second Son of Uncle Ben Norman, used to teach children to play the Piano. He gave up on me! His main occupation was Pianist at the Elysium Cinema in the Days of Silent Films.

Noted events in her life were:

Residence: when she was a young Child, Jockey Street Swansea Glamorganshire Wales.

337. John Victor Bishop DOW [1901] (Grace Lillian BISHOP313, Rev., Charles Edward BISHOP269, Frances HAVERS209, Charles170, Charles139, Charles100, Erasmus67, Samuel36, Erasmus31, Robert22, William5, Richard1) was born on 6 Feb 1917 in Liverpool Lancashire England and died on 11 Oct 1971 in Manchester Lancashire England at age 54.

General Notes: John was torpedoed in WW2, on 14 August, 1941; and was then a Prisoner of War.

Noted events in his life were:

Occupation: Radio Officer, MV Australind.

John married Patricia GRIFFITHS [1904] in 1945. Patricia was born on 14 Apr 1920 in Liverpool Lancashire England and died on 17 Nov 1993 in Manchester Lancashire England at age 73.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 345 M    i. Peter Ronald DOW [1905] was born on 29 Sep 1946 in Liverpool Lancashire England.

+ 346 F    ii. Susan Elizabeth DOW [2346] was born on 21 Jul 1948 in Liverpool Lancashire England.

+ 347 M    iii. Paul Anthony DOW [1908] was born on 22 Oct 1954 in Liverpool Lancashire England.

   348 M    iv. Michael John DOW [1909] was born on 21 Sep 1959.

338. Rev., Ronald Edgar Forbes DOW [1902] (Grace Lillian BISHOP313, Rev., Charles Edward BISHOP269, Frances HAVERS209, Charles170, Charles139, Charles100, Erasmus67, Samuel36, Erasmus31, Robert22, William5, Richard1) was born on 19 Aug 1919 in Liverpool Lancashire England, died on 6 May 1989 in Cheadle Staffordshire England at age 69, and was buried in Kingsley Staffordshire England.

General Notes: Ronald was torpedoed during WW2. He was a wireless officer on a Merchant Ship; and was a POW following the torpedoing.

Ronald married Eveline May ROTHERHAM [1910], daughter of John ROTHERHAM [2526] and Sybina [2527], about 1943 in Liverpool Lancashire England. Eveline was born on 8 Apr 1922 in Liverpool Lancashire England, died on 9 May 1984 in Cheadle Staffordshire England at age 62, and was buried in Kingsley Staffordshire England.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 349 F    i. Valerie Anne DOW [1911] was born on 29 Jan 1944 in Wick Scotland.

+ 350 M    ii. Graham John DOW [1912] was born on 17 Mar 1945 in Liverpool Lancashire England.

+ 351 M    iii. Christopher Forbes DOW [1913] was born on 2 Jun 1948 in Liverpool Lancashire England.

+ 352 F    iv. Carolyn Victoria DOW [1914] was born on 1 Nov 1957 in Yorkshire England.

339. Dorothy Grace DOW [1903] (Grace Lillian BISHOP313, Rev., Charles Edward BISHOP269, Frances HAVERS209, Charles170, Charles139, Charles100, Erasmus67, Samuel36, Erasmus31, Robert22, William5, Richard1) was born on 11 Apr 1929 in Liverpool Lancashire England.

Dorothy married John FORD [1931] on 17 Jun 1966. John was born on 9 Sep 1926 and died on 25 Mar 1995 in Liverpool Lancashire England at age 68.

Children from this marriage were:

   353 M    i. Simon Gerard FORD [1932] was born on 3 Jun 1968.

   354 M    ii. Edmund Martin FORD [1933] was born on 12 Nov 1971.

Edmund married Rhona Louise KILLIP [56599] on 3 Apr 1999. Rhona was born on 23 Apr 1961 in Isle of Man England.

340. Patricia Elizabeth Florence BISHOP [1935] (Francis Hugh BISHOP315, Rev., Charles Edward BISHOP269, Frances HAVERS209, Charles170, Charles139, Charles100, Erasmus67, Samuel36, Erasmus31, Robert22, William5, Richard1) was born on 12 Jun 1926 in Catford Kent England.

Patricia married Peter Kenneth KEMBER [1936], son of Reuben KEMBER [1349] and Hilda LOFTING [1350], on 19 Aug 1950 in Epsom Surrey England. Peter was born on 12 Apr 1926 in Wandsworth Surrey England and died on 24 Apr 1986 in Epsom Surrey England at age 60.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 355 F    i. Linda Christine KEMBER [1937] was born on 29 Dec 1951 in Epsom Surrey England.

   356 M    ii. Robert Phillip Spencer KEMBER [1938] was born on 15 Feb 1956 in Epsom Surrey England.

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