The Descendants of Alexander MacARTHUR circa 1730, origins unknown.

Name List

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  Helen Harley [85522]S
  Henry Edward, RN (Lieut.) [85516]S
  John Howard, RAAF (Flt.Leuit.) [85519]C born 27 Jun 1913, Macknade QLD Australia died 14 Nov 1981
  Nancy Mary [85518]C born Dec 1911
  Philip Henry Macarthur, KBE (Sir) [85415]C born 1888 died 07 Apr 1943, Chatswood Sydney NSW Australia
  Unknown [88599]C born 1873 died 1873
  Ada Rose Louisa T [88614]S born 1852 died 1938
  Alfred [88589]C born 1872 died 1872
  Annie Jane [88592]C born 1880 died 1884
  Bessie I [88604]C born 1886 died 1899
  Cherie Pearl [88605]C born 1890 died 1970
  Deuchar [19326]C born 11 Apr 1911
  Deucher Forbes [88608]C born After 1902 died 1962
  Douglas Lambert [88622]C born 1890 died 1978
  Elizabeth D [88610]C born 1908
  Emiline [19320]C born 1851
  Emmaline Segol [88616]C born 1883 died 1960
  Emmeline L [88595]C born 1898
  Ethel [88596]C born 1900
  Flaurane Maud [88591]C born 1878
  Forbes Hugh [19943]C born 12 Dec 1939
  Frances Beatrice [88601]C born 1877 died 1969
  Frederick F [88594]C born After 1887 died 1913
  Frederick Pascoe [19321]C born 1854, Manar Nr. Braidwood Colony of New South Wales died 1932
  Hanibal Hugh [19315]C born 1842 died 1914
  Herbert Trevelyn [19319]C born 1849 died 1911
  Hugh [19318]C
  Hugh [19937]S died 1857
  Hugh H [88625]C born 1909
  Hugh Hungerford [88623]C died 1969
  Hugh T F [88597]C born 1870 died 1882
  Ina H [88617]C born 1885
  James [19317]C
  James Henry Forbes [19325]C born 1884 died 1963
  Katherine I J [88643]C born 1858
  Lambert Skene [88620]C born 1857 died 1950
  Margaret L [88609]C born 1902
  Mary Elizabeth [19312]C died 16 Jun 1878
  Mary Elizabeth [88600]C born 1875
  Mary Emmaline [88590]C born 1874 died 1874
  Phil [19329]C
  Rosemary Beatrice [19328]C born 27 Sep 1916, Edgecliff Sydney NSW Australia died 18 Jan 1973, Goulburn NSW Australia
  Ruby Annette [88603]C born 1882
  Trevelyn H [88615]C born 1894
  Violet Marguerite [88602]C born 1879
  William A [88607]C born 1905
  William Deucher [88598]C born 1871
  William Forbes [19316]C born 1843 died 1904, Braidwood NSW Australia

No Surname, A, B, C, D, E, F, [G], H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z,


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