The Descendants of Viscomte Richard de Gavaudan, who died about 1050; and whose Origins are unknown.

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  Jane [35252]S born 29 Feb 1736, Great Abington Cambridgeshire England died Aft Mar 1819
  Mary [121486]S
  Agnes de France [122737]C born 1260, Paris Isle-de-France France died 19 Dec 1327, Cîteaux Cote d'Or Bourgogne France bur. Citeaux Abbey Cîteaux Cote d'Or Bourgogne France
  Alix de Vexin (Comtesse) [123225]C born 4 Oct 1160 died Abt 1213
  Alphonse of Poitiers (Count) [122815]C born 11 Nov 1220, Poissy Isle-de-France France died 21 Aug 1271, Savona Italy
  Blanche de France [122725]C born 1278, Fontainebleau Seine-et-Marne Île-de-France France died 16 Mar 1306, Praha Praha Czechoslovakia
  Blanche de France [122730]C born 4 Dec 1240, Poissy Isle-de-France France died 29 Apr 1243
  Blanche de France [122734]C born 1253, Jaffa Tel Aviv-Yafo Tel Aviv died 1322, Paris Isle-de-France France bur. Forcalquier Alpes-de-Haute-Provence Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur France
  Charles of Valois (Count) [122723]C born 12 Mar 1270, Vincennes Île-de-France France died 16 Dec 1325, Le Perray-en-Yvelines Île-de-France France
  Charles I of Sicily (King) [122817]C born Bet 1226 and 1227 died 7 Jan 1285, Foggia Foggia Apulia Italy
  Isabel de Navarre (Reina Consort) [122731]C born 2 Mar 1242 died 27 Apr 1271, Hyères Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur France bur. Provins Île-de-France France
  Isabelle of France (Princess) [122816]C born Mar 1224, Paris Isle-de-France France died 23 Feb 1270, Longchamp Pays de France Écouen France
  Jean de France [122732]C born Jan 1248, Poissy Isle-de-France France died 10 Mar 1248, Foggia Foggia Apulia Italy bur. St Denis Paris Isle-de-France France
  Jean Tristan de France & Comte de Nevers (Prince) [122738]C born 4 Apr 1250, Damietta Damietta Egypt died 3 Aug 1270, Tunis Tunisia bur. St Denis Paris Isle-de-France France
  Louis d’Evreux, de Meulan, de Gien et de Longueville (Comte) [122724]C born 3 May 1276, Fontainebleau Seine-et-Marne Île-de-France France died 19 May 1319, Paris Isle-de-France France
  Louis de France [122720]C born 1264 died Abt May 1276, Château du Bois Vincennes Val-de-Marne Île-de-France France
  Louis IX [the Saint] of France (King) [122728]C born 25 Apr 1214, Poissy Isle-de-France France died 25 Aug 1270, Tunis Tunisia bur. Saint-Denis Seine-Saint-Denis Île-de-France France
  Louis VII of France (King) [81992]S born 1120 died 18 Sep 1180 bur. Seine-et-Marne Île-de-France France
  Louis VIII of France (King) [81986]S born 5 Sep 1187, Paris Isle-de-France France died 8 Nov 1226, Chateau de Montpensier Puy-de-Dôme Auvergne France
  Marguerite [122735]C born 1254, Paris Isle-de-France France died 12 Jul 1271, Lot-et-Garonne Nouvelle-Aquitaine France bur. St Denis Paris Isle-de-France France
  Marguerite of France (Princess) [122156]C born 1275, Paris Isle-de-France France died 14 Feb 1318, Marlborough Wiltshire England
  Marguerite of Hungary (Queen Consort) [123224]C born 1158 died Abt 10 Sep 1197, Tyre Lebanon
  Philippe IV of France (King) [122721]C born 8 Apr 1268, Fontainebleau Seine-et-Marne Île-de-France France died 29 Nov 1314, Fontainebleau Seine-et-Marne Île-de-France France bur. Saint-Denis Seine-Saint-Denis Île-de-France France
  Phillip III of France (King) [122515]C born 1 May 1245, Poissy Isle-de-France France died 5 Oct 1285, Perpignan France
  Pierre d'Alençon (Comte) [122733]C born 1251, Paris Isle-de-France France died 1283, Solermo Italy
  Robert de France [122722]C born 1269 died Abt 1276 bur. Saint-Denis Seine-Saint-Denis Île-de-France France
  Robert I of Artois (Count) [122814]C born 29 Sep 1216 died 8 Feb 1250, Al Mansurah Mansoura Qism 2 Mansoura Egypt
  Robert II de France [122736]C born 1258, Paris Isle-de-France France died 7 Feb 1317, Paris Isle-de-France France bur. Paris Isle-de-France France
  Elizabeth Jane [47011]S born Gisburne? Yorkshire England
  Emily Jane Ashton [47197]S born Abt 1834 bapt. 8 May 1834, Woolton Lancashire England died 3 Jan 1896
  Bertie John (Maj.) [98509]S
  Peter Mary Lindsey [98510]C born 19 Nov 1943, Mansoura Qism 2 Mansoura (County) Daqahlia Egypt
  Valerie Anne [48027]S
  Alan (CLAYTON) [121514]S
  Gertruce E C [121456]S
  Anne [47085]S born Abt 1615
  William [121923]S
  Prudence [46812]S
  Unknown [47035]S
  Elizabeth [47112]S
  Elspeth [47036]C born 1619
  Eleanor [121636]S
  Violet [48014]S born 18 Nov 1906 died 24 Nov 1964
  Mary [82182]S
  Elizabeth [120973]S
  Lestock [121007]S
  Mary [47103]S born Abt 1630
  Unknown [121736]S
  Elizabeth [120601]C born Abt 1685, Cornhill Northumberland England died 1769
  Grace [121664]C born Abt 1693, Middleton Northumberland England died May 1707, Longframlington Northumberland England
  Henry [121663]C born May 1691, Middleton Northumberland England
  Henry of Westerheugh & Branxton [47084]S born Abt 1651, Branxton Northumberland England died 19 Feb 1756, England
  John of Lilburn Tower & Cornhill House [121665]C
  Thomas of Eslington [121725]S
  Barbara [49190]S born 1940
  Rhonda [121028]S
  Evelyn [81729]S
  Dorothy [121594]S born Abt 1714 died 15 Jan 1796
  Margaret [120605]S born Abt 1759
  Colin [121125]S born Oct 1919, Croydon Surrey England died Nov 2015
  Helen [121139]C born May 1960
  Jacqueline [121140]C born May 1962
  Katherine [121141]C born Nov 1965
  Peter [121145]S born Feb 1984
  Fanny [121031]S
  Henry [120634]S
  Unknown [81716]S
  Judith [121666]S
  John 1st Baron Fanhope& Milbroke (Sir) [121882]S died 1443
  Marc [120452]S
  Unknown [48031]S
  Edward [48034]C born 1991
  Hilary [48035]C born 1995
  Jeremy [48033]C born 1989
  Kelly [48032]C born 1987
  Hugh of Devon (Earl [2nd]) [120246]S
  Mary [121368]S
  Alice [46810]S died 8 Jan 1694 bur. Stanground Peterborough Cambridgeshire England
  Thomas [94427]S
  Jocelyn [121023]S
  Maria Eliza [121424]S born 6 Mar 1873, Colony of Victoria died 1964, Victoria Australia
  Edmund [47026]S born Abt 1600
  George [46921]S died 1546, Embleton Northumberland England
  Ellen Elizabeth [81708]S
  Nathaniel Lord Bishop of Oxford & Durham [47134]S born 1633 died 18 Sep 1721
  Andrew (Hon.) [121389]S born Abt 1820 died 10 Feb 1859, Melbourne Colony of Victoria
  Eric Montague [121458]C born 16 Sep 1900, Steyning Sussex England died Jun 1974, Battle Sussex England
  Geoffrey John [121461]C born 10 May 1905, Ross on Wye Herefordshire England died Sep 1982, Hampshire England
  Gerald Selby [121459]C born 7 Apr 1903, Hornsey Middlesex England died 4 Aug 1977, Luton Bedfordshire England
  Reginald David Bruce [121463]C born Jul 1908, Axbridge Somerset England
  Violet Helen [121457]C born 3 Apr 1899, Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey England died 7 Nov 1984, Stroud Gloucestershire England
  Walter Ronald [121455]C born Apr 1899, Steyning Sussex England died 26 Apr 1965, Middlesex England
  Wilfred Dudley Gordon [121460]C born Jan 1904, Tendring Essex England died Dec 1964, Surrey England
  William George Edward [121464]C born 27 Apr 1912, Bradfield Berkshire England
  Constance [120891]S born 1515

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